Sharing Our Global Experience: A Message from Tally in the Cayman Islands

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Sharing Our Global Experience  features essays by readers who generously share their experiences and viewpoints about unfolding events.

Sharing Our Global Experience: A Message from Tally in the Cayman Islands

by Tally, written from the Cayman Islands
April 10, 2020

Tally will share occasional updates as things unfold.


Hi Kathleen,

I am here because of my sister passing and taking care of her estate.  I’m living in the Dominican Republic and didn’t realize that the DR had closed it’s borders so soon….so I am trapped here.  I guess that term is a little strong….but it’s true…if you can’t leave you are trapped.

It looks like the Govt. just moved the goal posts back.  They were talking about the end of April and now the end of May to open up the airport.  They have closed down Western Union on some flimsy excuse that people won’t keep their six foot distance…but the grocery stores are open and every one is keeping their six foot distance.  Also it appears that wire transfers through the banking system are not working for the past few days …maybe that’s just a glitch.

The Govt. just brought in 200,000 Carona testing kits. Enough to test everyone 3 times.  It appears that the Govt. is ramping up to test 500 people a day.  Any one that is partially conscious knows that these tests are bogus and will result in many false positives.  What will be the outcome of a rise in cases testing positive….the Zombies will go hysteric…probably total lock down…..and what ever else our masters want to do to us.  LOL

At the moment they split the Alphabet in half and people can go to the grocery every other day, except Sunday.  Sunday is total lockdown….I love that term….the Zombies don’t get it.  All other days there is a curfew from 7 pm until 6am…but if you are out on non essential business you can get fined or possible jail sentence.

The Cayman Islands are a British territory. Grand Cayman 7 x 20 miles long.   Here not to long ago they released GMO mosquitos.  The results I have not been able to find out.  Some people are saying there is an increase of cancer on the Island….just hearsay.  That just shows you that the Govt. has no qualms about conducting experiments on their own people.

I have been awake for 17 years now….I knew this was coming and it caught me off guard.  I should be with my two daughters in the DR…not stuck here….oh well that’s the way the cookie crumbles. LOL   I am staying with my sisters friend.  She has a TV…they are running commercials  making people feel so good about their “lockdown”….the Zombies are loving it, doing their part.  LOL  I hate television…..

Thanks for letting me vent….  and with them bringing in 200,000 test kits.. just wanted others to know…will be interesting to see what happens next.

You have permission to post anything I have sent.

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