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Sharing Our Global Experience: A Message from Jeff in Wisconsin, USA

by Jeff Baker
April 13, 2020


Hey there Ya’ll,

I’m writing this from a town coined in a song from John Prine-“Lake Marie” – Standing by Peaceful Waters. It’s a lot more peaceful here than where I used to live in Florida and Illinois. We are at an end of an Age and beginning a New Age.

The life we lived up until now is at a crossroad. Old Paradigms are being replaced by new ones that we create with our hearts and minds. I don’t have to say this because all who are reading this now already know this. We come to sites like the one Kathleen has created with “Truth Comes to Light” to seek reassurance we aren’t crazy for some and for others a sense of community.

I can safely assume most of us do not live near or know anyone close to us that think like we do. Since I can remember from my earliest days I don’t think and act like my family,friends and other people I come into contact with. The friends I have met tend towards the way I think, but from a Spiritual stand point we tend to be farther apart.

I never fit into groups in grade school-middle school-high school and 40 years later I still don’t. I have been on my own until the Internet was developed and I found others that think like I do.  I have always had a hard time working for others and have been most successful being self employed.

The main point I want to say is – We are going to be OK. During a New Age we are free to create a New World where peace reins, no one is homeless,hungry or alone(We can actually Create anytime we are in embodiment on any world). We are All Powerful and with a mere thought can create anything we want – Be Careful on what you create – We Don’t want to create some of the dark features of the paradigm we are exiting.

Getting back to Spirituality – At the age of 12 I had my inner voice(spiritual presence) tell me that I was going to be involved with something huge and important. By the age of 35 nothing huge or important than I was married and had 1 child with my wife(there is an older child I have also). What I am doing now is probably what was forecast to me.  I have always seen movements from the corners of my eyes – spirits I will call them. I can sense darkness in places like older buildings and outdoor areas. I can sense areas of light and high energy too. I can communicate with animals- especially birds. I can see faces in clouds-trees-rocks anywhere.

When I was 18 my sister took me to have a reading by a psychic and I remember her stop at one point and she mentioned that there were at least 7-8 spiritual guides around me with more not too far away.  She had never experienced that before. I have escaped death on more than 1 occasion. Falling onto a  pane sheet of glass at 10 years old and the long shard went into my butt cheek and not my abdomen. Near drowning 3 times. Motorcycle and car crashes and several more bizarre incidents.

The one that woke me up was when I was painting the outside of a house in 2005. I was on an aluminum ladder at 25 feet up on a concrete pad when I suddenly found myself attached to the power line by my right arm. I could feel the a/c going in and out and knew my life was near an end. Suddenly I felt detached from the situation and was told that I could leave this body now and go on or I could stay and complete my mission here on Earth. I chose to stay and I immediately pushed on a window which drove the ladder onto the power line and all I remember was a bright flash. I came to on the grass 10 feet away with no broken bones or cuts. I died that day and was given a chance to live this life.

Since then I was spiritually directed to many books and web sites learning about spirituality,meditation,prayer and much more. I have learned that I know what others around me are thinking(I keep that turned off now). I can calm down situations and people around me when they are overtaken by dark entities(It only lasts until I leave the Situation). The nightmares I had for much of my life are gone because I have taken control of my conscious and unconscious mind dispelling those dark entities which are always circling all of us.

Ok – I’m long winded. I once bought a book on how to write a book, but gave it away after never reading too far into it.

You can create anything. I used to dispel the clouds and send storms around me when I lived in Florida so when I went to the beach it was sunny right where I was. I do recommend to find and read books on how to use prayers,mantras and flames/light(white-pink-violet and much more) to heal and help Planet Earth,people,plants,animals and everything else in existence.

[As a way to allow us to connect with one another and to know we are not alone, I invite all readers to share their personal experience here — especially current updates about specific life experiences related to global events or awakening. The unfolding attempt to fully dominate humanity is stressing us all, whether we anticipated it or not. Yet, this is also a time of miracles, of people finding their strength and voice, and of amazing kindness. Others would benefit from hearing your story. Please use the email address on the contact page to share your own experience. Of course, you may choose to remain anonymous or use a pen name. The comment area below the article is also available  (there’s a limit to message length in comment area) to share your thoughts, questions and personal experiences.  — Kathleen]


  • Jeff Baker
    April 16, 2020, 2:20 am

    A lot of my family and most people I know think I am crazy too. Stand your ground and We Will come through this Shining Brightly!

  • Jeff Baker
    April 16, 2020, 2:17 am

    Thank you Jennie – I took a 2 hour trip north of me today to Dalton, Wisconsin. It is the closets Amish community near me. I visit there to shop at the bulk food store – bakery and for farm fresh veggies and eggs. It was not crowded and the Amish owners an were pleasant and talkative as usual. It is nice to know where you live and people in the countryside where I am are not affect by Plandemics.

  • Jennie
    April 15, 2020, 1:10 pm

    I live in a small town in Montana and people aren’t worried here about the so-called virus the way they are in the news. There’s a man who wears a mask off and on all year round but no one else is doing it. It lifted my spirit today to read this because I don’t have anyone to talk with where I am. My family all think I am a conspiracy theorist so no one talks about the news around me. Thank you!