Robert Cinque on the Importance of Exposing the False Narrative Around Viruses

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A letter from Robert Cinqu to Kathleen, editor at Truth Comes to Light — shared with his permission

Subject: One well placed stone is all that is needed

by Robert Cinque
May 2, 2020


I’m convinced that the only way to defeat the medical takeover of humanity is to remove its operating system: the assumption that the presence of viruses in the body is the cause of illness.

This false assumption is the foundation of the AI enslavement agenda, but it has no power if the lie can be deconstructed.

Even smart people like Mike Adams believe in the virus narrative. Only Jon Rappaport is saying what’s true. His voice must become the Stone in the Slingshot.

I want to see a serious concentrated focus on the real science of how the body works and how disease is caused and how it is cured.

I am very glad that you are championing Kaufman and Buttar.

But, David’s stone is still lying on the ground, Goliath is chuckling, and humanity is like a deer in the headlights.

Google and YouTube have censored everything about 5g poisoning and are calling the whistle-blowers dangerous liars.

There is really only one thing to do. Remove the germ theory malware from the human operating system and install what Antoine Bechamp was screaming at Pasteur about 200 years ago: “the microbe is nothing, the terrain, everything!!”.

Goliath was overconfident because he was big. But size does not determine strength or power. Truth determines strength and power and can be wielded even by a young boy.

Nothing would give me greater pleasure than watching the entire global network of the genocidal pharmaceutical syndicate crash and burn overnight. This is literally possible because of how fast information travels. One spark can burn down the whole barn.

Lets focus on this. Let’s put aside every other concern and pay attention and spend time on installing the new software.

Actually, its already installed , but malware has rendered it dysfunctional.

We need to reboot the organic software and wipe the floor with globalist rags.


  • rhonda khoury
    May 3, 2020, 8:43 am

    Robert Cinque – Bravo…somebody has finally mentioned the amazing Dr. Antoine Bechamp and his theory as well as the dying staement of Louis Pasteur.. Well done. I so wish the other doctors talking about this ‘virus’ would learn history and the ones who have earned the right to go down in memory as the great and clever people of this world and risk everything.

  • Erlinda Pedrero
    May 2, 2020, 11:58 pm

    I am so delighted and greatful that there are still people on this planet like you who cares for humanity the natural way. Thank you so much for you effort to educate us.