Shining a Light on Botswana: Mandated Toxic Vaccinations as Part of the Dark Globalist Agenda to Destroy the People & Dominate the Land

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Shining a Light on Botswana: Mandated Toxic Vaccinations as Part of the Dark Globalist Agenda to Destroy the People & Dominate the Land

by Kathleen Stilwell, editor, Truth Comes to Light
with PaintedWolf, contributor to Truth Comes to Light
February 24, 2022



I recently received an email from PaintedWolf (pseudonym), who lives in Botswana, in the northern Chobe region, and has travelled extensively throughout all of Africa. PaintedWolf is actively working to alert the people of Botswana (known as Batswana) to the dangers of the covid vaccines. As we shared back and forth, it felt imperative to help bring light to their situation.

Botswana has a population of slightly over 2.3 million people and is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world, with 70% of its territory being the Kalahari Desert. The majority of the population is rural.

Here’s a glimpse of life in the town of Kasane:

Internet cafe — Kasane, Botswana in the Chobe region


Tourist, safari center — Kasane, Botswana in the Chobe region


Department of Tourism — Kasane, Botswana in the Chobe region


Kasane Hospital — Kasane, Botswana in the Chobe region
Covid Mandates in Botswana

PaintedWolf’s words, shared throughout this article with his permission, paint a clear picture of the way the Botswana government is responding to this global covid psyop. He also shares his personal knowledge of the region. PaintedWolf’s love of the Batswana is evident. I have added some additional images and links.

“Kathleen, the people of Botswana are such innocent and gullible people. I have guided expeditions through Africa for 20 years,
I know the countries, their people, cultures and traditions. Botswana is the only African country I find totally at peace.
They are honest and pure hearted people. Its hard to keep the tears back when I think of this mandate to basically force them into being vaxxed, many against their will.
Some might say no, others will get it against their will simply because they cant afford the fine, and have the fear of being put in prison. The people have no idea about their rights. It’s a crime.”


Image credit: hbieber
Trauma at the Borders

The situation at Botswana’s borders is dire at this time. The “vaccinated only” policy not only stops unvaccinated foreigners from entering the country but also prevents unvaccinated Batswana from returning to their homeland.

“I want to share this press release with you in an effort to make you aware of what’s happening in Botswana. Unless news is safari related, or a huge diamond being found here, this kind of news, or corruption related news, don’t really make it mainstream.”


“Basically, they won’t allow any visitors into the country unless they are fully vaxxed (fully means all shots and boosters).
Those who don’t have all the shots, they want to vax at the border of entry. 
Fully vaxxed are the only ones allowed to enter without PCR test. Without extra shots and boosters you are not considered fully vaxxed, so they offer to give you this at port of entry if you don’t have them.
If you read the press release, you can clearly see their criminal intentions. It doesn’t stop there though, they are imposing a serious crime against the citizens of Botswana. On the press release it also states that citizens who are not fully vaxxed must pay a fine of P5000 (Pula), approx. USD 430, or spend up to a year in prison, or both.
The interesting part is that the local news reported that they bought too many vaccines (not as many getting vax as they bargained on) and now they pull this stunt to try and vaccinate even the visitors that come in to get rid of vaccines before the first batch expires in April.”

In general, the people are confused and frightened about the change in restrictions (forced vaccination) at the borders.

“A woman and her mom came back to Botswana from South Africa, driving through the borders. They are citizens. They were both denied entry unless they get vaxxed. The woman said she does not want to get vaxxed, she is 7 months pregnant.
Her mom also has some complications, and is an elderly woman, so she also said no, she does not feel comfortable getting the vaxx. From the voicenotes [recorded audio messages] I can feel they are scared and confused. Many people are not aware of the truth, so these sudden changes really frightens them, makes them so confused, to a level that its traumatic I feel.”
Masks, Sanitizer & Distancing

Within the country itself, masking and social distancing is required in all shops. The use of (toxic) hand sanitizer is required upon entry of all businesses. All schoolchildren wear masks.

“You cannot enter ANYWHERE without a mask. They sanitise at the entrance. It’s actually someone’s job at the entrance of each and every shop, bank, building, whatever to stand there with a spray bottle and spray those who enter.
Not so long ago the rule fell away where everyone had to enter name, phone number and address whenever entering any shop or building.
Children are forced to wear masks. The entire population are forced. Children walk around with masks the entire day, also most people, even outside.”

Like all of the world’s people, the Batswana have been deceived by the tale of a deadly virus (that doesn’t actually exist), a testing system (PCR) that sees all sorts of things but can’t see the virus that doesn’t exist, and a “cure” that involves injecting toxic sludge (with secret ingredients including micro-circuitry and strange hydra-like biological things) directly into the body.

Targeting the Children & the Vulnerable

And, as seen everywhere, the children are now a key target for this disable-and-murder globalist agenda.

“They are going for the kids, Kathleen. A big part of the Botswana population live rural without Internet or decent access to information, so they have NO clue about the dangers of the gene therapies, and happily comply, misinformed.
The attached form is the consent form the government to get kids jabbed.”


“This morning I went to the primary school in the village. The kids were just getting out of school. I found one of the teachers inside and asked if I can quickly have a word.
I asked him if he was aware of the parent consent form, he kind of just nodded, so I’m not sure if he knows. Anyway, I told him that I only want to mention to them I feel the schools should also list the dangers, side effects and ingredients so that parents can give informed consent.
I told him there are hours of evidence and facts he can see in his own time, so I wrote down the address so he can have a look.
I told him its not safe, have a look at the evidence. He asked me If I’m vaxxed, I said no. Then he asked how do I protect myself from Covid? I said I build my immune system by regarding food as medicine, I get sunshine on my face, I exercise, I focus on a healthy lifestyle.
I also said it’s a personal choice, I choose to only put things in my body that the creator of this planet created. I also said I did deep research into the ingredients, as I am someone that will never put anything in my body if I don’t know the ingredients, or origin.
I said those ingredients are not from God, so I won’t put it in my body.
He had no response, so I then asked him if he knows what mRNA is? He had no idea.
I also asked him if he studied the ingredients, or asked about it before getting the shots? He said no because he trusts the government.
I ranted a little about the governments and their lies, couldn’t stop myself. I showed him a page I printed where Dr. Malone states the dangers for kids such as heart, brain, reproductive and nervous system damage.
I said this is serious and its my responsibility as an informed human being to share these facts with the schools that the government and local news don’t mention.”


This harm-yourself-for-your-own-good mandate follows closely on the heels of operation Omicron, an imaginary variant of an imaginary virus.

PaintedWolf describes the Batswana as gentle, gullible people. Historically, they have been targeted by the parasitic humans of the planet to force them off their lands (so that these lands can be exploited for their resources), destroy their culture, and vaccinate them into poor health and/or death.

The Globalist Theft of Land and Resources

The attacks from globalists on the indigenous population is relentless. The rich resources of this peaceful country include diamonds and oil. As the foreigners seek to strip the land of its resources, the disruption to the Batswana way of life, and the damage done to wildlife and natural terrain,  is incalculable.


“They are on a path to destroy one of Africa’s most unique Edens. I know there are very corrupt government officials involved in this saga as well. There has been an infiltration in Botswana, a very sacred land.”


Image credit: hbieser


Image credit: designerpoint


image credit: designerpoint


image credit: tonyo_au
Death by Medicine

A visit to the Botswana Ministry of Health & Wellness website leads us to the usual fear-based advice and recommendations (which have morphed into mandates) for dealing with a virus that has never been shown to actually exist. The foundations for this deception have been long established, with the usual suspects guiding the narrative. They’ve done this before with the HIV narrative. And currently there is the malaria vaccine push, targeting the children.

As always, Big Pharma’s fingerprints are all over this agenda, with the mandate that all Batswana submit to self-abuse by allowing themselves and their children (child abuse) to be injected with extremely toxic formulas disguised as cures.

However, outside of the deceptive and cruel enforcement by Big Pharma, Bill Gates etal., UNICEF and greedy globalists, the “mind virus” of self-harm exists in Africa and throughout the world in many forms. I found it surreal that the Botswana Ministry of Health & Wellness recommends male circumcision as a precaution against HIV.  I asked PaintedWolf about this circumcision recommendation. He replied:

“It’s not only here that they recommend male circumcision, but I have noticed it all over Southern and East Africa on billboards and advertising. They tell people this slows down the spread of HIV. 
Circumcision is also embedded in African cultures. Many cultures have the circumcision ceremony that can last several days. When the boys return to village they are seen as adult men. I know in SA they encourage boys to do it at a clinic as the traditional way at a ceremony can cause serious infection.
It blows my mind that they advertise that circumcision can prevent spread of AIDS. They use slogans such as ‘Be wise, circumcise’. “
Globalist Destruction of the Sacred & Ancient

PaintedWolf speaks about the Bushmen people, native to southern African countries, who were forced out of their ancient culture as nomadic hunter-gathers into restricted community areas.

image credit: hbieser
“Here the indigenous Bushman people, oldest living tribe on earth, have also undergone the same crimes on them as the indigenous tribes around the world.
In South Africa they are the first nation peoples, but their language is not even listed among the official languages. They literally have no voice in the land that birthed them.
In Botswana they were forcefully removed from their home, the Kalahari Desert. They are semi nomadic Earth Shamans, it’s a belief of them to not stay in one place too long to reduce the impact they have on the land, thus semi-nomadic.
Image credit: AinoTuominen
When they have been forcefully removed from their land as hunter-gatherers, they were put into communities that are not aligned with their way of life, and are being exploited to the max by the tourism industry.
Here in Botswana there are countless safari lodges that exploit them by using them as part of their activity offerings. As they have been forcefully removed from their home ranges, put into western towns and villages, they have also lost their traditional way of dress.
Many of the lodges make them dress up traditionally, creating the idea that they still live like this.
It’s a human safari.”
Batswana Rise Up

In spite of the best efforts of the hidden dark agenda, the Batswana have not been defeated. Slowly people are removing the veils of cognitive dissonance and facing the truth about those who control them.

There are some legal challenges beginning to happen in Botswana with a group organizing in opposition to the mandates. PaintedWolf will share more about these situations and the results as things unfold.

“I feel the warriors are slowly rising here. The mandates have made people ask questions and they are starting to demand answers.”


In our conversations, PaintedWolf spoke often about his love for, and communication with, animals and all of nature.  About his beloved elephants, he said:

“They will lead humanity into the New World where humans will start to learn to communicate with the suppressed intelligence of the heart.”


Image credit: Monikawl999


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