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by Zen Gardner
February 22, 2018


I prefer to be left alone but some things need addressing.

This is a very, very powerful time.

And not to give any illusions, it’s only going to get more intense. The tests and trials and life breakings going on are enormous. I am experiencing them first hand, my friends and acquaintances are experiencing them first hand, and family and internet contacts and responses confirm the same.

Loved ones suddenly lost, sometimes several including beloved pets, seemingly tragic turns of events, major health challenges, and to a major degree dark shadow soul experiences are surfacing. Especially this deep self confrontation by itself or brought on by exterior events. These external triggers and internal almost alchemical self realizations of course go together, but this time around is a whole other ball game.

This is no joke or fabrication. This transition is real to the bone. And it’s just getting under way.

I haven’t wanted to put these types of things out for various reasons since my enforced departure. They used to hit the mark freakishly. It has nothing to do with me. It’s all of us – our collective experience which we all feel and we then individuate as we will, or vice versa, it simply is what it is. It goes both ways from individual to collective and back. That in itself is something not many will grasp but that is what intuition and more consciously releasing into the collective experience is all about.

It has to be said, that’s all. For the comfort and easing up of the pain of isolation and the relief that true heart connected communication brings.

It will get more intense. As I and many others have said for a long time, it you’re already on the path of true self and hence everything discovery, this is yet another set of surfable waves if you’ve been paddling for some time. However, the waves are growing ever more intense. We can do this. That, or duck under and swim out to deeper, calmer waters at will, which is sometimes called for when it gets to be too much. There’s nothing wrong with that.

We are not victims, we are being propelled. And we are in charge.

I follow space weather. It indicates the same. The good sites as well as the esoteric interpretations. I strongly respect astrology, certain resonant channeled or dream information, and even divination techniques where synchronicity reigns supreme. It all speaks the same. We are blessed with many methodologies by which to learn.

The information whirled on the geopolitical basis has strongly soured for me. It’s on a repeat, low vibrational cycle that I find extremely toxic at this point. But people learn at their own speeds and have their own journeys. As well as subconscious motives and attachments. So be it.

I’m a survivor. I fight with everything in me to know the real truth and connect with the loving Source. It’s a fight, a tough one, for all of us.

That’s what I’m addressing here. Our commonality. We all need to be reminded we’re in this together, in deeper and deeper aspects and even dimensions and realms, but we’re in this together.

Knowing that we are co-experiencing these phenomena brings massive empowerment.

I rest my case.

Love, Zen


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