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Social and Spiritual Discombobulation

by Adam Abraham, Thought for Food
February 24, 2021


When Joe Biden declares, as he did recently at a meeting of G7 countries (which was closed to media), that “America First” diplomacy is over, he means that “Americans first” is also over.

Biden let the G7 representatives, from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom, that America is now back and ready to play in the Trans-Atlantic Alliance sandbox.

The “United States of America” is a bankrupt corporation that is in debt beyond belief. Yet, its highly questionable “leader” is announcing and pledging his allegiance to foreign interests, pledging more debt accelerating concessions and disbursements to said “allies”.

Americans are told to brace themselves for wave after wave of health calamity and financial stress, with little in the way of direction on how to reduce and ameliorate the matters at hand.

Please be clear: there are answers to all these issues, from health to fiscal, but they involve moving in an entirely different direction, beginning with toward the direction of truth.

We are where we are as a society, nation, and people, as a result of a cascade of lies and liars who, throughout history, no longer care what is true.

Americans have never been “first” in U.S. politics. Mr. Trump, and a few other presidents sought, to varying degrees of success, to move the system in that direction. But Mr. Biden and his ideological “supporters”, under the cover of a pandemic, have managed to dismantle the Principles that America has striven to embody.

The incessant fixation on mask wearing, ostensibly for the “protection” of others, is more so to protect the guilty, i.e., political operatives and accomplices, from a plain sight crime of monumental proportions against the people of this nation, and all of humanity.

Notice the ritualistic vibe?

These people are doing what they’ve been told to do, but not by the Americans. They do not work on behalf of the American people. They do someone’s bidding to exploit… albeit with our cooperation.

If there were no “pandemic” (and for the record, there is none), there would be no plausible reason to justify the measures that the sufficiently misinformed public has consented to permitting. If you know that the information being presented is not factual, and can cause harm would you follow it?

Employers, such as Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Walgreen’s and Amazon are offering incentives for employees to take COVID-19 injections. There’s no truth behind the initiatives. People are doing it to keep or obtain a job, a position, or continue to be able to “earn a living”.

People are agreeing to comply because they:

  1. think the danger is legitimate
  2. think that the promoters have their best interests at heart
  3. believe that no alternatives exist
  4. think the inconvenience is temporary and complying is the fastest way to get “back to normal”

So without independently verifiable, scientific evidence “experts” continue to mislead people deeper into a dysfunctional abyss. Below, Dr. Anthony “Falsy” Fauci now “suggests” that even with the supreme act of obedience and compliance, people who take the injections who want to go to restaurants are still advised to eat outdoors and avoid theaters.

Fauci: Vaccinated people shouldn’t dine indoors or go to the theater quite yet

Scientific principles are not the eminent domain of any exclusive group. They belong to everyone, because they represent Laws of Nature that apply to everyone, even those who don’t understand, “recognize” or respect them. Many who call themselves, or are thought to be “scientists” do not understand, recognize, or respect the Laws of Nature. Their pronouncements, such as Dr. Falsy’s above, if not true, will not change Biological Facts of Life.

“Social distancing” is being pushed as a behavioral norm to “protect against a now ubiquitous ‘COVID-19’, except when it is inconvenient.

The crime that is being perpetrated are coordinated actions that keep from the public information about the incorrect assumptions that have evolved into the institution known today as “modern medicine”, under the general subject of “Germ Theory”.

Still being practiced, institutionalized, and unquestioned today, erroneous medical thinking is taking compliant humans into a broader den of emotional dependency and mental servitude. One of the consequences of these misrepresentations is the decreasing inclination to seek the truth (just listen to “the authority”), and discern what is true, to choose it, and benefit from the decision.

Taught to seek approval rather than truth, we have taken some fundamental errors in thinking as gospel truth, and presumed that acting as though they were true would make it so.

As an example, this leaves us oblivious to the cumulative effects of, and connection between genetic manipulation and gender confusion and rise of transgenderism. The people who push the products that alter genetic information would explain the phenomenon by suggesting that new species of humans are “evolving”. Better to keep the scientists in the labs working than to pull back and risk seeing whether the phenomenon abates.

With an increasing portion of the population retaining or regaining their discerning abilities, a large and concerted effort was undertaken to remove and expunge mitigating factual information about pathogen origins and behavior, virology, and its remediation. Even more so, an almost total under-estimation and negation of the Human Immune System is at play by people who should know how it works. This includes the “researchers,” and the educators who teach new researchers, as well as the public. They run the education system that requires children to “get their shots” as a condition for attending schools. With “COVID-19” this erroneous thinking has expanded to prey on the public at large who are all suspected as being potential “victims”, and are being coerced, by various means of policy and subterfuge, into to injection compliance.

Please remember that there are methods that need to be pursued to maintain and restore health: the approaches described above are NOT on the list.

This track of thinking and behavior has brought us to where we are now, not only in social, cultural, and environmental chaos, but mental and spiritual too.

Unless you take the initiative to take care of yourself, and know the potential consequences, you can count on the information that you’re being given will be false.

You have the power to chart a different future. Each one of us does. All anyone has to do is seek, vet, and then follow truth, wherever it leads. Give truth and accept only truth in return.

Truth is not swayed by political affiliation, or scientific opinion. Truth is scientific, but not all “scientists” are truthful. They are only telling you what people who wanted to keep their academic or professional standing, told them. Every “hole” in their truth, is essentially a lie. It matters not whether the liar wears a white coat.

This is social and spiritual discombobulation. Knowingly or unknowingly, it is our experience and our creation. For those who condone or comply, it is also someone’s future; someone’s children will inherit this unless we make some informed decisions now.

The future is *not* in our children’s hands, as I’ve seen some people opine. It is in our hands. All who continue listening to, or obeying liars, will have been their enablers, and will pay the price.


cover image credit StockSnap / pixabay