Sounding the Alarm in Victoria, Australia: Freedom Fighters Speak Out Against Andrews’ Grab for Legislated Absolute Power

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Sounding the Alarm in Victoria, Australia: Freedom Fighters Speak Out Against Andrews’ Grab for Legislated Absolute Power



Leaders sound alarm against Andrews’ grab for legislated absolute power

by Tony Mobilifonitis, Cairns News
October 30, 2021


FREEDOM fighters across the nation have sounded the alarm over the psychopath Andrews’ full dictatorship takeover plans for Victoria, which will inevitably spread to other states with the endorsement of his pathetic, serial lying mate Scott Morrison.

All major party MPs – Liberal, Labor, Nationals and Greens – are complicit in Andrews’ horrendous Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021 that would give the Premier authority to declare a pandemic. It also gives the health minister, rather than chief health officer, the role of making health orders.

In a Zoom call on Friday night protest leaders all sounded a unified message – stop this legislation or lose Australia. The protest leaders (see names below) who live in Victoria are all targets of Andrews’ legislation under his “more complete” fascist/communist dictatorship. The others will be also.

Already facing bogus “incitement” charges laid by Andrews’ Gestapo are Victorians Fanos Panayides, Monica Smit and Topher Field, while Nick Patterson was intercepted and viciously assaulted on the street by cops without provocation while walking with his activist friends. He was jailed and released as was his fellow Christian pastor friend Paul Furlong.

Topher Field, the most recent target of Andrews and his thugs, said voters in coming elections needed to understand that the preferential voting system would only work for the smaller parties if they were all numbered in preference above the main parties who need to be numbered last on ballots or left off altogether.

Retired Qantas pilot Graham Hood said every MP across Australia needed to be told they are in danger of losing their seat because of the legislation. “There are white crosses on battlefields all around the world because of the freedoms attacked in this bill,” he said. “People need to realise that this draconian legislation will be used in every other aspect of our lives … the spirit of Australia will die if this goes through.”

Cairns News endorses the efforts of these patriots and has been calling out Andrews as a dictator since early 2020 when he first plunged Victoria into its series of lockdowns, designed to implement the dystopian, totalitarian “Great Reset” society advocated by the World Economic Forum in which the masses “own nothing but will be happy”.

But the major political parties and the mainstream media are too “intellectually sophisticated” and invested in the Davos crowd and their “benefits” to entertain such “conspiracy theories” as are the 13 Victorian QCs who have issued a limp-wristed “public letter of concern” over the powers given the premier in the bill. Andrews must be terrified … excuse the sarcasm.

Victoria’s Liberal-National Party coalition certainly have spoken out against the bill, but all Andrews needs to do to invoke their obedience is to get his dirty little CHO Sutton to arrange a rash of “Delta variant” outbreaks and “cases” and those weaklings will fold – especially when the mainstream media pushes the panic button. Note how Andrews and Sutton are keeping the “case” and “death” numbers up, while at the same time spouting “freedom”.

Andrews can also rely on the moronic, brainwashed responses of corporate industry representatives like Tim Piper of the Australian Industry Group who told 3AW: “It is what it is, it’s an IH&S law and nothing will change that … It’s (the vaccine) is going to look after their colleagues, their businesses, themselves.”

Now with 20 months of rule by decree and the uncritical support of lame-brained corporate and media types behind him the dictator’s psychotic lust for power is clearly not satiated yet. He wants those powers made his own exclusively. All he needs to do is buy the votes of a few Victorian Upper House Members who hold the balance of power, namely Fiona Patten of The Reason Party, Samantha Ratnam of The Greens and Andy Meddick of the Animal Justice Party.

Patten, Meddick and Ratnam are all pushers of trendy leftist issues and Andrews can easily accommodate their demands. The corrupt former Labor minister Adem Somyurek who was sacked by Andrews could be a wild card in the process and, according to Monica Smit, there are at least three Labor MPs who do not like Daniel Andrews – but they would need to be in the Upper House (Legislative Council).

The bill for permanent pandemic laws means total abolition of freedom for all Victorians with indefinite lock downs (even with no pandemic), the ultimate power to make decisions in the hands of the premier who must only “consider” health advice from experts, targeting people based on “characteristics, attributes, circumstances”, fines of up to $90k for individuals and $450k for businesses, up to two years in prison for not following the rules.

“The only way stop this is to make some noise by any means necessary. Share this zoom, share our poster, talk about what this bill means to your friends, family, anyone who will listen. We need to make plenty of noise! The people of Victoria and Australia need to know about this,” the Zoom host Fanos posted.


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