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An excerpt from Willem’s bio on his Dutch Anarchy website:

“I am also the organizer of the Open Mind Conferences in the Netherlands. As a Dutch citizen I am very concerned about the direction this country and the enslaved humanity in general are heading for. The Netherlands, like most other European countries, is no longer a sovereign country but it is hijacked and occupied by imperialistic forces with dark agenda’s. All this is facilitated by corrupt puppet governments that are controlled by a psychopathic elite. A visible embodiment of this control structure in the Netherlands is the so-called “royal” family.

The Netherlands serves as the legal capital for a totalitarian and satanic New Word Order, and because of that role the country hosts numerous institutions that are part of that framework. One example is the International Criminal Court in The Hague and its tribunals.

As a sovereign Dutch and World citizen I am very concerned about this and I will do anything in my power to turn the tide and help heal humanity of the diseased state it is currently in, and with that to heal the planet we live on. The parasitic influences that control and manipulate humanity by relentless social engineering a.k.a. Mind Control programs can only be battled from a higher state of consciousness, and hopefully this website can help raising that collective level of awareness.”


Source:  Dutch Anarchy



Srebrenica, what really happened
Published on Jul 28, 2017


Alexander Dorin, author of several books regarding the war in former Yugoslavia and especially focussed on the “Srebrenica myth”, interviewed by Willem Felderhof.

The Srebrenica propaganda tool has served as an excuse for:

1. The ethnic cleansing operation by Croatian and NATO troops on the enclave of Krajina, which has been a Serbian enclave for centuries resulting in the brutal murder of more than 2000 Serbs en the ethnic cleansing of more than 200.000 (!) Serbian civilians.

2. The 11 week bombardment of the Yugoslavian Republic by NATO (“the Kosovo War”) in 1999, resulting in the murder of more than 10.000 civilians and the separation of Kosovo, which is in direct violation of international Law.

3. the sentencing of Serbian political and military leadership by random victor’s “justice” at The Hague.