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Source:  AlphaZebra

Published on Aug 8, 2017

~~~ Folks, this is Bill Ryan here.

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I posted against his original video, which is here:

(this is re-uploaded with his permission and encouragement)

I just posted on the Avalon Forum: “I highly HIGHLY recommend this new video. One of the very best I’ve seen about this entire thing. It’s a balanced, sane, detailed, methodical, well-articulated, well-researched, fully-referenced summary of the whole saga.”

And I wrote to a friend: “I think it’s actually THE best video I’ve seen or heard (for most people out there)… including my own two with Rich Dolan. He must have spent a lot of time on it. It’s EXTREMELY well done. Needs to be posted far and wide.

It’s almost like a last word on the whole story, but it’s totally, totally balanced and grounded.”

Here is tmcleanful’s original descriptive text:

~~~ Yes I’m interested in ufology.

From what I can tell, there appears to be a “there” there. Have I drawn any conclusions regarding what that is? No. But I find the whole thing fascinating, regardless of what the truth turns out to be, if that’s ever revealed.

But I have a strong aversion towards people who take advantage of the openness and good nature of regular folks to advance themselves.

I created this video for the UFO Proof channel, and a “UFO Proof” version of it may appear there soon, but given the current profile and significance of this topic within ufology I wanted to get it out now and it seems perfect for my new Strange Tales series.

Whether you are into ufology or reject the whole thing as nonsense, I think you will be informed and hopefully entertained by this video.

All of the links to references and sources provided in the video are as follows:

Richard Dolan’s website:

Corey Goode’s website:

Dark Journalist’s website:

Project Avalon forums:

Corey Goode YouTube Channel:…

Bill Ryan YouTube Channel:

Bill Ryan interviews Richard Dolan:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Dark Journalist YouTube Channel:

Dark Journalist interviews Bill Ryan:

Dark Journalist interviews Richard Dolan: Part 1:

Part 2:

Teresa Yanaros (Tessa Gianni) YouTube Channel:…

Teresa interviews Stacy Goode:

Teresa interviews Corey Goode:

Jordan Sather YouTube Channel:…

Jordan complains about suppression of his brand:

Chronicles from the Future: Video synopsis (skip to the 24 minute mark for the diary description):

First 60 pages of the Dianech’s diary/book:…


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