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new awareness….

I recently read- Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander. The book tells of his extraordinary Near Death Experience while he was in a coma for a week. What struck me then and has stayed with me, is his description of a place he visited many times while his brain was dead. It was a pastoral place of green meadows and trees with people and animals laughing and playing. OK, pretty cool right?

But in the sky, high up, there where beings or things moving across the sky that left glowing trails in their wake. He said that they exuded a joy so profound that it’s emanation was like a song that fell over all below. A song beyond anything earthly, so deep as to be almost physical.

I am easily influenced, and have an extremely active imagination. I wondered what that might be like. I pretended/imagined the same thing flying overhead and could barely catch a glimpse/sense this music. Like the sunshine itself was singing a symphony just below the threshold of my hearing. But also like the deep bass of a car whose speakers are turned way up and you can feel the beats before you hear them. Sub audible but capable of being felt through the skin.

As the green returned to my yard this year- you know the first almost iridescent green that shouts out- Life? If the sun hits it, tears may form because of its purity and perfection? I noticed a faint feeling/opening that I had not experienced before. There was music in the grass. It was the same music I imagined/ experienced in the sky. I allowed this new sense to open by being still and sinking into that new frame of reality. Then I heard it- the music came from everywhere. As I looked around trying to maintain the stillness necessary to ‘hear’ it- I knew that all living things give off this joy. It is the purest sound I have ever felt. The joy of existence. As if the life moving in all things sang itself awake.

The world is full of this music, it lies over and under everything, ALL THE TIME. The sweetest, most gentle emanations of love and joy and gratitude for existence itself.

It is not easy to get into the ‘space’ necessary to hear this precious gift, but my God it is worth it.

Love you deeply, always, everyone.