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Setting America Up for Passover Ritual with Richie from Boston

The 19th Passover

by James True
April 7, 2020


Here’s what we know:

1.) A bunch of empty tents are waiting for bodies.

2.) The Hal Turner Radio Show claims that at least eleven (11) busloads of US troops, some of them carrying M-16 rifles, have arrived for deployment at a large train station in Brunswick, Maryland.

3.) No one is “allowed” to leave their home, thereby making it easy to determine where most people are.

4.) No one is asking if covid19 could be environmental. In fact, YouTube is actively censoring anyone trying to ask if its Gee to the fifth.

5.) The military is deployed domestically and they’ve been told they’re here to take people off trains.

6.) FiverG was announced and deployed as “crucial for covid19 recovery and national security”.

7.) The track record of Washington DC

8.) There is no gold standard for covid19 testing. Coronavirus is inside of everybody.

9.) MSM says: “Even a negative test means nothing,” “Millions must be tested,” “We have to take these people out of their homes… even if they have almost no symptoms,” “This is just the beginning”.

10.) The Passover ritual starts tomorrow.

11.) The two towers of the ritual are the two ships on each coast. We are now between the USNS Mercy(T-AH-19) and the USNS Comfort(T-AH-20). These are the Masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin. The Surgeon General said this would be our 9/11 moment.

12.) Under the cloak of covid19, the government can take anybody they want. Every person who believes in government will believe this is for their own good. We are in our homes so the Holy Ghost can fly over our doorway and removing anyone with the wrong blood. If you don’t know the meaning of Passover it involves eating a goat, not breaking its bones, and smearing its blood over your doorway. Those with the mark of its blood were “passed-over.” Everyone is under strict quarantine to keep everyone at home.

13.) If you don’t trust the government, you might want to leave your house, starting tomorrow, for a week. Or at least follow the Jewish laws of the Seder and Passover. Trump has already authorized pre-crime investigations and now he has declared war on covid-19. Covid-19 is humanity.

14.) The Passover Ritual lasts for 7 days. Trump has said the next two weeks would be hard.

15.) In Rome, only the representative of Jupiter can sacrifice a human inside the city walls. This is why Trump’s face is always painted orange. He is the Jupiter and the Cyrus.

16.) 10 of 11 incense are burning in the Third Temple and priests have asked Israel for permission to sacrifice a lamb on the mount, thereby initiating the irreversible temple ritual leading to Yom Kippur.

17.) Trump is elected and works with Mossad. Everything Trump does is Kabbalah/ritual-oriented.

18.) The 2020 Yom Kippur is September 27th. Sixteen days after the 19th anniversary of 9/11. On Yom Kippur, the Holy of Holies can be entered by the high priest in the Temple of Solomon. Why is that night different from all other nights? Read this article and see the similarities between the Passover and the Coronavirus quarantine. We are in the middle of a gigantic ritual and every goyim, jew, and zionist is participating by coercion and propaganda.

19.) Only by knowing this is happening can we turn this energy into something positive. There is a powerful plasma behind belief and consent. Magic is a technology of presence, will, and sacrifice. The Passover Sacrifice is humanity’s innocence and trust of government as its shepherd. The only fix is to revoke your consent and place it back into the land. You have to place yourself deep in her soil and say you chose her over him. Awareness of their ritual and what is happening is the key to its alchemy. You must shift from lamb to lion if you want a good Apocalypse.

In two weeks, we’ll either know how important it is to ignore everything I tell you, or we’ll forget I even wrote this article as things will be so different it won’t matter. Either way, I have no idea what’s going to happen. My desire for it not to be true is the only proof I can offer against this prediction. Sadly, my desire for it not to happen is the main thing blinding me from seeing it more clearly.

There hasn’t been one thing honest about this virus or Trump’s response. Everything I am predicting has happened before in our past. These people have always cut down the sacred groves. They have always chopped down the forests. They have always spread pulverized bones over the land to cover up our ancestors. Those same people who did 9/11 control our government now. They knew Trump was coming since before he was born. It’s not a prophecy from God – it’s a ritual spell read from a Talmudic scroll as a blueprint for world slavery. That’s what Passover is. The Jewish people coming out of slavery and naming themselves masters of LORD Technology.

LORD Technology is Saturn Worship. It’s the religion of slavery and narcissism. All academia, governments, and courts are Saturn worship. Christ is real. But people are worshiping a human sacrifice. He was the Passover Lamb. To give him your prana is to feed it to the owners of the ritual. The True Cross, or Christ, is a spiritual astringent – the most crucial archetype you can have to survive Saturnism. Christianity is a government trauma cult made by Saturnalians to keep you docile, meek, egoless, and dumb. The Bible was a relic of LORD Technology written to gaslight you. The book sucks all of your cosmology about God into the black hole of scripture. It’s a vacuum where your creativity and prana are sucked into deep space where it can do nothing forever.

I hope this clears things up. After all – this is the Apocalypse.

[More on self empowerment and understanding the spell that has been controlling us. James True with Benjamin Balderson.]

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  • April 8, 2020, 9:12 pm

    Thanks for posting, Kathleen. How many of us are spiritually ready for this event?

    • April 8, 2020, 9:32 pm

      Elva, thanks for your brilliant presence here at this time. Those who are spiritually ready are lighting up the world right now and we are seeing each other’s fires.