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Source:  Giza Death Star

by Joseph P. Farrell
September 6, 2018


I am constantly amazed at the quality of information the “Gizars” send me, and today’s example sent along by Mr. G.B., who deserves a major thank you and “doff of the hat” for this find, is a case in point. This one is nothing less than a whopper-doozie, particularly for all of us who have been following and hypothesizing about “secret space programs” and Mr. Richard Dolan’s hypothesis of a breakaway civilization, for today’s blog is not about an article, but about a pdf file of what apparently is a powerpoint presentation on the use of antimatter as a source of energy and propulsion.

Yes, you read that correctly: the use of antimatter as a source of energy and propulsion. Much more importantly, the pdf is dated March of 2004, and I want to spend some time pointing out certain pages within it, though it should be stated, that every page is worth consideration and commentary, but unfortunately, time and space do not permit it. Here is Mr. G.B.’s highly important discovery:

Propulsion and Power with Positrons

So let’s dive in:

Note on the very first page that the presentation is sponsored by the “Munitions Directorate” and the “Air Force Research Laboratory.” This will assume major significance in a moment.

Then on page 10, after outlining the basic principles of using positron production for energy, there is a schematic that should give T.Townsend Brown fans some pause, for page 10 consists of a schematic showing a standard jet turbine with a twist, and the twist is Townsend Brown’s idea of using a jet turbine to turn an electrical generator, and charge the exhaust to create a charge differential between a leading positively charged region in front of an aircraft, and a negatively charged region in back of it. The charge difference between these two regions, in turn, creates added thrust of an electromagnetic nature. The twist here is the use of positrons to create the actual heat of the exhaust. And then note also what it states at the bottom of the page: “Exo-atmospheric  Capability Achieved by including Onboard working fluid tanks.”

Exo-atmospheric capability: let that one sink in.

But wait, it gets much better: on page 13, the report “flashes back” to a 1955 project, called Project Rover, to create a nuclear-reactor propulsion system, complete with a picture of a nuclear rocket… from 1955, which, it notes, was successfully tested in 1964. Now, skip forward to page 43, and note the advantage of antimatter as a reaction system for an energy and propulsion system: “No nuclear residue.” This is worth spending some time with, because as most people are aware, standard fission reactions leave “residue”, a nice euphemistic way of saying “radioactivity” which, when it comes to fission bombs (atom bombs), is “fallout”. Fusion reactions, similarly, spit out lots of gamma rays and fast particles, which again is a deadly “residue.” But matter-antimatter reactions are total annihilation reactions: there is no “nuclear residue” left over. Why is this significant? I suspect that there is more going on with this interest in antimatter than merely for energy or propulsion, for recall that on page 1 this is being sponsored by the “Munitions Directorate,” and a matter-antimatter bomb, if sufficient antimatter could be collected and successfully contained, could be much more powerful than the largest hydrogen bomb, and leave no nasty “nuclear residue”… easier said than done, to be sure, but if you and I can think of it, rest assured, they have too. In short, a breakthrough both in the creation and containment of antimatter would open doors to energy sources, propulsion sources, and an entirely new class of weapons of mass destruction (which could be made to order, from very small yields to very large yields), all in one fell swoop. The result for propulsion purposes, as page 43 also notes, is the capability for “extended missions” not of mere hours, but an entire month (and presumably, much longer), for any craft employing such “exo-atmospheric” technologies. The applications to space are self-evident.

This is followed, on page 44, with the usual “brainstorming” slide, which, includes a picture of a “stealthy lifting fan airframe.” For those familiar with the human side of the UFO story, this will sound very familiar, for the earliest German, and later post-war Canadian and American efforts to create vectored jet exhaust vertical lifting airframes are well-known. Interestingly enough, the Air Force, according to this file, is still talking about the idea in 2004, but this time in conjunction with antimatter combined with Townsend Brown’s “charged jet exhaust” idea.

This is followed by page 45, where the proposed technology of the lifting airframe is touted as being able to give 24/7, thirty-day long “battle space coverage”, which, let it be observed, is depicted as being over Iraq. One has to wonder if, indeed, the technology is “proposed”, or actual.  And if there were any doubts that all of this has potential for deep space, page 48 dispels it by noting its applicability to “Human Development and Exploration of Space.”

Lastly, on page 50, lest all of this be thought to be “purely theoretical,” the penultimate page/slide in the presentation makes the statement “proof of principle experiments are being conducted.”

Let that one, too, sink in: proof of concept experiments in antimatter propulsion and energy… and, ultimate, bombs.

While this is not “proof” of a secret space program, it is a glimpse through a very tightly sealed door. And if the Air Force is willing to talk openly about this, one wonders what lurks behind the walls of classification.

See you on the flip side…