The Battle to Control Planet Earth & the Inner Earth’s Hidden Secrets

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Deep Under the Surface of our Planet there is a Whole New World

by Zohar Stargate Ancient Discoveries

“This is where you have to kind of get into planetary cosmology.

All right, what does gravity do — if gravity is based on mass — if the earth is made of actually two structures. One is maybe 900-mile thick crust and the other is a solid core. But they’re separate from one another, although rotating on the same axis. Then you’d have a space in between.
But the crust would have its own gravity and the core would have its own gravity. And so the water would actually adhere to the inside of the crust.


So if you were sailing you might not even notice that you’re sailing into the earth. You just keep sailing on the ocean until you’re on the inside of the planet. Admiral Byrd claims that he went through the North Pole and that he went into some kind of center of the planet…” ~ Brooks Agnew


What if, deep under the surface of our planet, we find a whole new world, complete with its own sun and thriving bio-sphere?

This is the premise Brooks Agnew pursued as he seeks to put together an expedition to find a portal deep into the subterranean realm.

He describes his theory of how this inner-earth world formed and how it continues to thrive.

He also reveals what he believes to be the biggest threats to life on the surface of our planet, the vulnerability of the grid and how we can raise our consciousness to be free of their domination.


Bearth: Two Earths, one race for time by Brooks A. Agnew

The end times have arrived. Planet Earth is made of two planets, one high frequency and one low frequency, occupying the same space. Merged during an ancient cataclysm, they have been rotating in harmony for nearly six thousand years. Until now.

The Bearth Trilogy is being adapted to a 42-episode TV series. Millions of people have heard the story on the radio.Ancient powers controlling the economics and military activity of Earth split the human race in two. Here and there, pockets of light are woven together as the ultimate conflict as the seed of Lucifer and the seed of Adam square off for the grand battle for inheritance of the Earth.

This book is true, with use of fictional characters to help tell the story. Readers are calling this the Bearth Journey. The events are real. The people are real. Nothing has been changed to protect anyone, because they are all guilty.

You will see that history has unfolded as this book tells it. The battle between good and evil happens every day on the television news, and by reading this book you will know why. You will also know why it is vital that you do something about it, starting with reading this book and then getting others to read it. We don’t have much time. The race is on.