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The Boiling Frog Effect

by Dave Cullen, Computing Forever
November 23, 2020


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Truth Comes to Light editor’s note: Below you will find a transcript of this powerful video by Dave Cullen.  The notes in brackets are my description of clips that were not transcribed. Images are screenshots of Dave’s artwork from the video.~ Kathleen

As we’ve previously discussed, you can never appease narcissists. And there’s no amount of appeasement or acquiescing to covid mandates that will satisfy the bully-boy elites in charge of your country.

If you keep playing along with their demands, you can expect more demands. It all comes to a halt when you refuse to comply.

Many people believe that, after the vaccine, life will just return to normal. I’ve been saying for quite a while now, normality was never supposed to return and that an entirely new dystopian normal was being created –through fear, coercion and the slow boiling frog effect — where people are gradually acclimatized over time, through prolonged exposure and adaptation, to a new way of living.

People actually believed that if they did what they were told by the government and the media like good little children then one day they wouldn’t have to wear face masks and do social distancing anymore.

[Here you’ll see a video clip of Fauci interview.]

So there you have it. Social distancing and masks are supposed to continue forever apparently. How did humanity ever exist prior to the implementation of these stringent and totally unnatural and anti-human public health measures?

Now, recently Professor Luke O’Neal spoke to a group of school children.

[Video clip of Professor O’Neal speaking gobbledygook to young captive audience.]

So was that clear? Kind of? Even if you’re vaccinated, you probably will have to wear your mask and social distance for six months until some “r” number thing comes down, but you still might have to wear masks in shops every winter. Okay? Yeah, that was that was clear. Right? Sure.

[More drivel from Professor O’Neal.]

Unbelievable. So he talks about the health passport app to prove that you’re vaccinated, which is basically “show me your papers, please”. And he talked about a wristband alternative. A wristband that can’t come off. And then he makes some remark about how people will complain about their civil liberties. No shit! — considering a person’s right to free movement will be infringed upon. Because if they refuse to take an unnecessary and experimental vaccine, I would imagine there will be quite a few people complaining about their fundamental human rights.

It’s unbelievable but I have been talking about this crap for months now and it seems that some of our worst concerns with respect to rising authoritarianism are actually on the horizon here.

Luke O’Neil also says that students may not be able to go to their debs (for those of you in America that’s the prom here in Ireland) if they aren’t vaccinated.

[More of the same video with innocent children being subjected to the authoritative stupidity of Luke O’Neill.]

So there you have it. You thought your life was going back to normal if you just surrendered all your rights, freedoms and bodily sovereignty for however long the lying government demanded it. Well it depends what you mean by normal. If by normal we mean the mandates and control measures will largely remain in place and everyone has to be vaccinated every year, then yeah, I guess it’s normal. Right?

[Luke O’Neil, ad nauseum.]

Whatever happened to the human immune system? Seriously. Did it just stop working in 2020 or something? What did we do before the pharmaceutical industry came along?

[World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab rambles some sort of nonsense.]

Let’s move on. This article is from the Daily Mail — Britons who test negative for Covid twice in a week are set to receive a freedom pass under government scheme that will allow them to live a normal life.

So, if you have to get a freedom pass, it means that you’re not free. And they’re admitting that you’re currently not free. Okay? So, that’s not a free society.

A hall pass for life basically. A hall pass to live your life. It is hoped the scheme could allow Britons to go back to a relatively normal life. Relatively meaning not normal. To earn a freedom pass people will need to get a negative test twice a week.

How far away are we from the hunger games at this stage?

Pass will allow you to mix with friends and family without distancing or masks. Again, this has been made possible by the fact that the general public were so utterly terrified, traumatized and bamboozled by fear-mongering for so many months that they actually started to believe that their rights and freedoms come from the government — when, in fact, they don’t.  They are inalienable.

So, the government takes everyone’s fundamental rights away and then, in order to get the public to comply with the new abnormal, they tease them by offering to give them back tiny little bits of scraps of their freedom.

You know, they’re kind of bribing them. And the public, being so desperate for a reprieve from all of these oppressive measures, might actually see such freedom passes as a way out.

You can see where this is leading people. They are slowly being conditioned to accept having to negotiate for the right to do things that they previously understood to be indisputable freedoms that the government couldn’t touch. They just took them for granted. Now they’re basically being told to ask the government for permission to just spend time with their friends and family, or being allowed to just forgo social distancing, or masks for a little while.

The general adult population, globally at this stage, appears to have been reduced to an infantilized state — like children having to ask if it’s okay for them to hug their grandkids or visit their neighbor. Perfectly healthy people are being told that they’re sick due to a highly questionable PCR test, all the while actual sick people who are in need of hospital care are being denied that care. They’re being denied their necessary treatments.

“COVID-19, the virus so deadly you have to be tested to know you have it,” as the meme goes.

And this argument, that asymptomatic carriers (which is to say healthy people) could get someone sick, is the most outrageous premise because it’s basically a recipe for permanent lockdowns and restrictions. If the government, with their so-called expert scientists, can simply call a pandemic at any time, and then claim that people who feel healthy are potentially sick (with a deadly virus that could get some vulnerable person killed somewhere) then it’s essentially the perfect excuse to rob everyone of their rights and freedoms — at any time and forever.

The reality is, this is not how a society that values individual civil liberties functions because the burden of proof must fall on the person making the claim about the deadly virus and they must prove that the health recommendations are proportionate to the level of the danger. Even then, I would only accept any health measures as recommendations, as advisory and not mandatory, even in a serious outbreak.

And I know some of you disagree with me on that, but you got to understand that the price of freedom is simply too high.

And you can’t just trust that, even after a genuine pandemic, that your government is going to just give your rights back to you. That’s very naive. And that’s what people have done in this case.

Now, under the spanish flu, when people were living in an actual pandemic, there was evidence all around them of this sickness. Everybody knew someone who died from it or at least had been sick from it, you know. You could see examples of sickness in the streets. Not so much with covid. Right?

The article continues:

“To earn the freedom pass people will need to be tested regularly and ,provided the results come back negative, they will then be given a letter card or document they can show to people as they move around.”

Oh boy.

“The certificate would be stored on a phone…”

I just want to point out, I said this stuff months ago. I was called a conspiracy theorist. It’s happening, so you know…

“The certificate would be stored on a phone, according to sources, and will allow people to live a relatively normal life until the government’s vaccination program gets up to speed.”

So there you go. Next up, the vaccine.

“It would even allow Britons to get away without wearing a mask, it is thought, and visit family and friends without the need to socially distance.”

Freedoms and rights we previously took for granted now coming with qualifiers and conditions. Even in your own home. Right?

It’s like the public are all prisoners being temporarily released under bail conditions.

“A source told the Telegraph: ‘They will allow someone to wander down the streets, and if someone else asks why they are not wearing a mask, they can show the card letter or an App.’

I preferred life before, when you could just walk around freely and you didn’t have to show anything to anybody. In other words, people have to show their papers. Right?

“Show me your papers, please!”

This is leading to mass medication of the populace by state coercion.

What could possibly go wrong?

This same strategy will be used for the vaccine. It almost makes you wonder why they’re pushing the vaccine so much. I wonder what’s in it?

The government will not concede any liberties to you until you conform to their medical tyranny. The governments of this world are merely puppets of the globalist interests in the World Economic Forum, The United Nations, Big Pharma — and they are at war with humanity.

This Fox News article talks about Greece. Coronavirus lockdown in Greece requires people to text authorities before leaving home.

“Under a second nationwide coronavirus lockdown in Greece, people will need to text authorities if they want to leave their homes.

“The lockdown will start at daybreak Saturday and last until the end of the month. With infections surging across the country, Prime Minister…

— let me see if i can pronounce this —

“Kyriakos Mitsotakis…

— probably not pronouncing that correctly–

“said he acted before patients overwhelm hospitals.”

Where have we heard that before?

Oh yeah, for the last eight months. All the time.

“We must stop this wave,” he said Thursday. I chose once again to take drastic measures sooner rather than later.

“As part of the lockdown, all retail stores except those selling essential items such as food, medication, and fuel will be closed.

“Travel inside the country will be severely restricted.

“People will only be allowed to leave their homes for work, physical exercise or medical reasons, and only after sending a text message to authorities.

“In the texts to the five-digit number, people will have to provide their name, address and the reason why they need to leave their home.


Where is the outrage?

Honestly. Like, what is wrong with…

Does anybody value freedom anymore? Except, you know, a handful of us at this point.

Moving on. Dan Price tweeted the following:


And that’s essentially what The Great Reset is all about.

Now imagine if Ireland’s Leo Varadkar… had given a speech to the people that went a little something like this:

“Listen guys, I’m afraid you’re gonna have to shut down your businesses forever. And there’s a virus. And it’s going to be here for ages. And the whole world is going to be thrown into one crisis after another.

“Uh, nothing we can do, guys. The rest of your life is just going to be unending misery and upheaval. Uh, new normal on the way. Sorry about that.

“Uh say goodbye to your livelihoods and social lives, the SME sector [Small Enterprise in Ireland with fewer than 50 employees] is finished.  Prepare for mandatory face masks forever in order to be able to just go into the shops or go on public transport.

“Also there’s this thing called social distancing where people treat each other like pariahs. Basically, it’s the presumption of being an asymptomatic carrier of a deadly contagious disease.

“So stay apart. And also we’re going to be essentially undermining your property rights and right to the sanctity of your homes by, uh, being able to enact legislation on how many people are permitted in your home.

“We’re gonna cancel religious services and holidays. And in the long run, uh, there’s gonna be mandatory vaccinations, guys, with, uh, digital immunity passports (which is an app on your phone that shows if you’re vaccinated) or otherwise you won’t be able to go about your life or leave your home.

“Big corporations are going to make a fortune. And more power and wealth will be transferred from you plebs to the one percent of the one percent.

“Uh, small businesses are finished.

“Shut them down. That’s an order.

“Uh, don’t make us send in the guards.”

But, you see, you can never be quite so honest with people in the beginning, when you’re trying to alter human behavior. It takes time. And the conditioning is very gradual, very subtle.

If small business owners, for example, were told in the beginning that they would have to shut down forever, there would have obviously been huge backlash and people would have twigged that something was very seriously wrong.

They would want proof that they were living in an actual pandemic, beyond some scary graphs on a television.

So Varadkar, like any other political puppet, has to follow a similar plan that’s been given to him. The public and small businesses weren’t initially told that the virus was going to be a problem for a very long time. They were told that it was just a few weeks to flatten the curve — in order to avoid the terrible grim reality of a worst case scenario of 85,000 deaths in Ireland by covid.

That’s what he suggested back in March. It seems absurd to read this headline again now in November.

Anyway, the frog in the pot has to be boiled slowly or otherwise it won’t have time to adapt to the increase in temperature and it will jump out of the water.

So to keep people under control they have to be gradually primed for the new abnormal world, with promises about how it’s all going to eventually end and go back to normal — in just a few weeks. The behavior modification narrative has to, ever so slightly, be tweaked periodically so as to be almost imperceptible by the general public.

“Two weeks to flatten the curve” becomes “it’s just a few more weeks to stop the hospitals from being overrun”.

Then it’s “the next two weeks are crucial”.

And then it’s “we have to get the ‘r’ number down”.

And then it’s “experts are concerned about worrying spikes” or something.

And then it’s “just a few more months”.

And then it’s “just until we get a vaccine”.

Eventually, it’ll be “it’s just until the next vaccine”, and then the next one after that, and so on and so on .

Mandatory masks and social distancing signs and stickers were initially suggested as being only temporary until, of course, a sufficient amount of time has passed — and the general public have been so utterly broken and demoralized that they adapt to these things as part of their daily routine. Then they become the new normal.

From the government’s perspective, there’s no need to definitively come out and say when these policies will ever go away because, if the public are so compliant, why would the government surrender their new powers?

The increased draconian airport security measures after 9/11 weren’t temporary, though many people thought they were at the time.

So, why should any government relinquish these new covid control measures?

What I couldn’t get through to people back in March and April is that, when people surrender some of their rights, governments don’t voluntarily give them back. And that has been a clear thing. That’s been a clear pattern throughout history.

Freedoms are trampled on and our lives are slowly changed bit by bit. They rob the people of their liberties, a piece at a time and all, of course, under the guise of public safety.

So, anyway, a few months go by and, sure enough, the hoodwinked, compliant public — who’ve consumed constant fear propaganda from every conceivable angle — they’re now wearing their masks like slaves of the past. They’re even wearing them walking down the street and they haven’t been told to do that.

They know to stand on the circles, follow the arrows, queue outside the supermarket, wear the masks, use the hand sanitizer, and keep their distance .

The Pavlovian dog training is complete. They’ve now been placed into a state of such brainless docility that they are ready for more arbitrary instructions.

The globalists knew that they had to get SMEs out of the way in order to create their wealth transfer to big businesses. So small business owners were told to hang in there. And eventually they were fed scraps of hope.

A new reopening plan was unveiled where restaurants, shops, hair salons, gyms and pubs, etc. would remodel and reorganize their premises and means of operating to comply with social distancing guidance. No doubt they were desperate to comply. Limits were placed on the number of people permitted into the premises. Plexiglas screens were installed. Face coverings or visors became commonplace. Time limits were put in place. Bookings and names and numbers had to be taken by pubs in order to comply with contact tracing.

All of these things were nothing more than a charade — obstacles to be put in place to obstruct and damage the businesses — part of the slow boil process. Make small businesses think that the government wants them to survive and that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

And the SMEs fell for it, hook line and sinker. The daft regulations that were meant to undermine their business models and reduce their profitability and slowly make them unworkable, the powers-that-be knew that if they didn’t offer SMEs this false dawn of hope that they would likely become fed up and revolt against the summer lockdown.

The summer reopening was, therefore, simply all part of the narcissistic strategy of “love bombing” after an abandonment phase. It was about trying to keep the SMEs sweet.

False hopes of returning to normal would later be dashed by another second lockdown, designed to finish off the SMEs and put them out of business for good.

You cannot appease your oppressor.

Complying with one mandate will inevitably lead to another and then another and another until your life is nothing like it was before — until your life is unrecognizable and you’ve lost all your freedoms, and everything that meant anything to you.

One of the biggest challenges we face in waking people up is their flat refusal to believe in the concept of evil, and that evil is very much at work in the world right now.

But just like a viral transmission, evil needs a host to survive. Its power comes by spreading through fear and intimidation among a compliant public.

If you refuse to comply, the power of evil disappears.

Please stop complying.

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