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by Joseph P. Farrell
November 18, 2018


There is no doubt about it: by far and away the largest group of articles I received this week were about the California fires, and the strangeness some people are seeing, reporting, or speculating about them. The theories are now almost as strange as the fires themselves, and now include disappearing people and smart meters as well as exotic and/or directed energy weaponry, to failing power grid infrastructure and incompetent governance and forestry.

Here’s what’s accumulated so far (and my thanks to all of you who have passed on articles, personal observations, and speculations):

(1) The Exotic/directed energy hypothesis: This article has some excellent pictures from the area plus a video shot from space:

See the Camp Fire from space

The question everyone is asking (including myself), is how fires hot enough to burn and melt houses and metal rims in automobiles, can leave nearby trees untouched. One gentleman kindly wrote me and offered the pictures from the fires from Chicago and San Francisco over a hundred years ago as proof that such things can happen naturally, no exotic energy technologies needed. I asked him to post his comment under last week’s blog on the fires, and I don’t know whether he did or not, but I’m grateful nonetheless, for any input on these freakish fires and any data is helpful. Nature is full of surprises, to be sure, and I’ve no doubt there are any number of scientists willing to step forward and offer naturalistic explanations. The trouble is, I’m still not buying; these types of explanations seem to me to have the same gritty feel and malodorous smell that the 9/11 twin towers collapse-by-burning-airplane-fuel have.

But there’s a new entry into the hypotheses being advanced to explain these fires:

(2) The Smart Meter Theory:

Are SMART meters involved with the destruction of so many homes in California that did not burn but exploded?

This submission, as noted, is by “someone on the ground” in California, offering his or her own thesis:

My theory is this: the drones or satellites with these weapon systems can target electronic digital signatures on the ground in the form of . . . wait for it . . . “SMART METERS” which give off a radio / WIFI field signature even in the dark! So when the grid goes down these embedded transceivers go dark and cannot be targeted? You have to ask the question: Is PG&E on to this silent warfare scenario and just trying to cover their corporate asses?

How else do these brick and stone structures with tile or metal roofs burn to the ground in the middle of parking lots with no flammable forest around? Hmmmmm??? We are being targeted for destruction by whoever is controlling these weapon platforms and they’re targeting the most conservative parts of California and the good hardworking people who live here! Entire towns have been completely destroyed, ie. Santa Rosa, Middletown, parts of Redding and now Paradise?

You may be thinking, OK, what is this old guy smoking here? So to prove my point I submit to you a link to a 32-second video posted by the Sacramento Bee that shows a NASA GOES satellite view of northern California on the morning of the start of the “Camp Fire”!  Has a quaint ring to it, a camp fire? Makes me feel all warm and cozy, how about you? Take a look…

At this juncture, while no link is cited in the article, it appears that “GW”, the author or authoress of the article, appears to be referring to the video which leads the first article linked above. If one watched closely, there appear to be blue dots that appear at the beginning of the video, one of which appears close to the origin point of the Camp Fire fire. But whether these are laser points or some sort of photographic markers is unclear. Also, strangely enough, if one watches the video closely, in the upper left quadrant of the video, there is a “something” which is clearly not a cloud, and clearly moving at tremendous velocity.

In any case, “GW” ends his or her post with this lapidary observation, which is as good a way of summarizing what the problem is for many of us observing the torching of California from afar:

How does a huge logging truck burn to the ground on I-5 near Lake Head, actually melt down and yet the logs did not burn up? Logs = wood = sources of fire and heat in a “campfire” or wood stove? Not even charred? A little common sense and observation tell me there is something very wrong with that picture?

No question about it, there is something wrong with this picture.

I cannot resist stepping right to the end of the twig of high octane speculation on this one, for last week I also blogged about the appearance near Milford Texas of a wireless power transmission tower, shades of Nicola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe tower (and the resemblance is more than palpable). Tesla’s idea was, you’ll recall, to broadcast electrical power; no need to plug your appliance into the wall socket, just “tune” it like a radio to the correct frequency, and the circuit was closed and the appliance functioned. Now, as “GW” noted, PG&E(Pacific Gas and Electric) was turning off power in various places as a “precaution” against fires:

PG&E has recently implemented a program here in the north state (which just so happens to be the most conservative area of California) where in “wind events” like this forecasted again tonight, they shut down the grid as a “precaution” to allegedly mitigate wind damage and fire from falling trees, limbs etc on power lines? You wanna buy a bridge…in Brooklyn?

My theory is this: the drones or satellites with these weapon systems can target electronic digital signatures on the ground in the form of . . . wait for it . . . “SMART METERS” which give off a radio / WIFI field signature even in the dark! So when the grid goes down these embedded transceivers go dark and cannot be targeted? You have to ask the question: Is PG&E on to this silent warfare scenario and just trying to cover their corporate asses?

So my speculation is this: what if some Tesla-like broadcast power system was already operative, and the smart meters – following GW’s line of thinking – were simply used to “close the circuit”? Also in line with “GW’s” thinking, PG&E suffered massive stock market losses, which were quickly recouped:

“The Whole Town Is Gone”: Dramatic Drone Footage Reveals Scale Of Fire Destruction In Paradise, CA

See also:

As PG&E Implodes, These Hedge Funds Are Getting Destroyed

So in addition to my own high octane speculations on the how, one has to wonder about the why, the motivation, and whether – as GW suggests – the fires are for “social engineering”, i.e., to drive out one type of population to be supplanted by another, and in addition to that, a deliberate assault on PG&E and various hedge funds?

There is another article on the smart meter theory, with a picture toward the end of the article of a fire near an external electrical junction:

SMART Meters Being Used To Implode Buildings in California During Firestorms

If the smart meter theory is true, then it carries a disturbing implication: cooperate with us, or will implode your home.

(3) The High Speed Rail Coincidence Theory:

This one I mentioned last week when someone tweeted a comparison of the regions of the fires and the high speed rail routes. One individual also wrote and said that a closer look would reveal that the route of the rail and some of the fires in the central valley are not coterminous, and on closer look, it looks that way to me too. So chalk that one up in the “miss” column, but the theory is out there, and it should be mentioned.

(4) The Terrorism Theoru:

You knew it had to happen; with so many suspicious anomalies surrounding the fires, eventually someone would claim terrorism is the source:

ISIS Group Claims California Wildfires Are Retribution, Vows ‘You Will See More Fires’

Well, when in doubt, blame the Russians, and if that won’t work, blame Islamicism.

And finally, there is the

(5) Forestry Mismanagement theory:

Now, I’ve no doubt that a lot of the fire problem is related to poor forestry; it can and does happen. My problem here is the same as my problem with the Chicago fires explanation: it may explain some, but not all of what we’re seeing.

Finally, I mention this article, not for its “political message”, but rather for the summary of the timeline of events it contains:

California Residents Trapped and Killed When Fires Were Started All Around the Town’s Perimeter [videos]

Here’s the timeline from that article:

My Notes:

A month or two before the fire, something was dropped from the sky, (in summer time) that looked like snow and tiny worms. Some stuck to her sliding glass door, and it was so peculiar she took photos of it. (Was it a fire accelerant???)

A week or two before fire: Helicopters hovering over Paradise Town, doing circles like they were surveying the land.

3 Days before the Fire, PG&E Called and Emailed residents of Paradise warning them of a fire potential on Thursday and telling people to have their fire plans ready. Each day of the 3 days before the fire, PG&E called the residents, repeatedly with these warnings, as well as multiple emails of warnings of a fire on Thursday.

Thursday the day of the fire, she noticed smoke at 7am going on what appeared to be a ridge a couple of mountains ridges away. She thought she was safe, but as a precaution, she drove to town to fill her gas tank. The town was not on fire, and it did not appear threatened at all. When she got home, about 8am, she also filled her bathtubs and sinks with water and sprayed down her house and surrounding area with a garden hose as a precaution. At this time she started to see things falling from the sky that looked like black tar paper or something.

About 11am she received a phone call of a mandatory evacuation for everyone in Paradise.

Paradise is a canyon surrounded by mountains on all sides, with few exits. As she was exiting the town she said she noticed that at the top of the telephone poles, all the transformer boxes were on fire. Flames coming out of the transformer boxes on the top of the telephone poles. She thinks these must have been triggered remotely, because there weren’t any fires near the poles at this time. Just the top of each pole was on fire. She said it looked like DEWs were used to set fire all around the perimeter of Paradise, to prevent people from escaping the canyon. She saw isolated houses on fire, with nothing on fire near the house, no fires leading up to the burning house.

What’s of interest here is the claim that a witness sees electrical fires breaking out in transformers and phone poles with no nearby natural fires that could be presumed as sources for these fires. This would tend to corroborate the “smart meters-electrical circuit” theory that is being advanced and that I speculated on above.

Additionally, this claimed witness’s sighting of “stuff” falling from the sky in the month prior to the fire could perhaps be corroborated by this article, which claims that particulate aluminum and other heavy metals being sprayed in California’s chemtrails (and I’ve seen – and smelled – some of them myself) could also be partially to blame:

Aluminum Dust from Geoengineering Fueling Super Wildfires According to Autho

The bottom line for me is that there’s too much here – especially when taken in consideration with the similar signatures of last year’s California fires – that is anomalous and difficult to explain on the basis of exclusively natural causes. When put together, the various theories spell out a combination of geoengineered accelerants, closed electrical circuits, and possibly exotic and or directed energy technologies. The “who?” is fairly obvious: anyone with access to such technologies: a few governments, and corporations and/or other powerful extra-territorial entities. We can probably all name those governments and corporations and extra-territorial entities without too much thought. The why? is now the problem that needs to be considered and speculated upon carefully.

See you on the flip side…