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by Kathleen Stilwell
November 17, 2016


A recent conversation between Jeff Rense and Linda Stone titled “Did the Cult Give Trump a ‘Briefing’?” got me thinking.

Over the past months, as I pondered our recent presidential (s)election here in the US, I wondered why so much of the alternative media seemed to view Trump as a messiah of sorts. The liberty movement (patriots who want to ‘restore the republic’ or ‘restore the constitution’) seemed particularly elated at Trump’s win.

How is it that we, as truth seekers, can understand that the system is rigged, that we are manipulated into choosing our controllers, and not assume that Trump was, at least on some level, selected to be president? Why would we imagine the powers which have controlled us for eons would now step aside just because a man who was not already completely taken over moved into the White House?

As someone deeply interested in our awakening, in transforming our world, in freeing our resources from an imprisoning monetary system, I could not understand how either candidate would help us get there.

Trump did say some very inspiring things about restoring some of our liberties. We would all feel great relief if some of this police-state government could be dismantled. But this is not enough.

Trump’s entire “success”, his celebrated life path, is deeply linked to the life-force-draining monetary system that has us all living lives of quiet desperation.

Trump’s corporations and his celebrity family represent the same old stifling social order filled with order followers and place holders.

Trump’s vision does not call for spiritual maturity, a recognition of natural law, or a return to love. It does not require that we transform our inner worlds along with the outer.

In the conversation I mentioned above, Rense addresses the fact that Trump has recently done a turnabout on many things he pledged before the election. He brings up the fact that this change came about right after Trump’s briefing at the White House. He questions whether Trump may have been briefed by the cabal, reminding us that “the cult is everywhere”.

It’s quite possible that Trump did not know the level of evil he was walking into. Or perhaps he didn’t believe it could be as horrific as it is.

If we don’t work on waking up on all levels of being, we can find ourselves in this same boat. We sense the danger, we are on alert, but we don’t know what we are walking into.

We all want a different world, but if we do not change who we are, we can’t get there from here. It can’t be done by changing external laws and tweaking the status quo here and there.

If we don’t change who we are, we will keep looking for leaders instead of looking to be creators, and we will allow ourselves to be controlled by others who know we’d rather not take responsibility for ourselves. If we don’t change who we are, we won’t have the spiritual sight to free ourselves from “the cult”.

A few months ago, I dusted off this blog to post my thoughts about the witch hunt around Zen Gardner. The whole situation was so bizarre, as large numbers of the “awakening community” were suddenly triggered into banning him from their sites, causing his Facebook page to be closed down, and essentially attempting to drive him out of town. In light of this attack, Zen took a hiatus and disappeared from the web for a while.

As I listened to Rense’s words, I realized that this is exactly why Zen’s life story caused such an unconscious reaction. Zen had been a member of a well-known cult that started out with high ideals but morphed into a deeply disturbed mess, including pedophilia (as is rampant in the Catholic church and government circles). Zen’s attackers insisted he must have condoned or participated in the abuses that existed in the cult. He must be guilty of something. ‘How could anyone be so blind?’, they asked. How, indeed!

We are all guilty of having been blind to a cult that just so happens to be everywhere. All of our lives we could feel that something was horribly wrong, yet we didn’t know exactly what it was.

(Thankfully, the freakout about Zen Gardner seems to be over and most of the major sites have “reappeared” Zen’s writings. This seems to have occurred right after Ole Dammegard spoke out publicly of his love for Zen Gardner and his belief in him.)

The dark control system is all around us, even in the alternative structures and communities we set up. It will continue to reappear until we fully take responsibility for self-governance and stand as creative, sovereign beings. It will continue until we choose to be integrous, until we become the masters of our own inner and outer worlds without the need for gods, rule books or oversight committees.

When we take responsibility for our lives and transform ourselves, we see that the control system may be everywhere, but we no longer fear it.

We also begin to understand that the dark side only sees certain aspects of humanity. It zeroes in on our temporary limitations. It sees our immaturity and is attracted to controlling us through that vulnerability.

It’s no wonder that cabal members are so interested in pedophilia. These beings may appear human, but they are something else entirely. They are deeply-twisted predators who seek out those who can be controlled. They feed on and thrive on the fear, deep pain, and traumatized energies that they call forth from us with their abuse. Children are the most vulnerable among us and make the perfect target.

This cult of darkness has, for the longest time, had possession of occult knowledge, empowering it to take advantage of our weakness and bedazzling us into obedience. But the apocalypse (unveiling) is here and the curtain is being ripped back, the weak monsters behind the smoke and mirrors are being revealed, and the gig will soon be up. As we find our strength and our vision, as we step outside of fear, ‘the cult’ loses its power because, as we rediscover who we are, we can see it but it can no longer see us.

The video disappeared from YouTube during the purge of alternative views. However, the following is an excerpt from Jeff Rense’s comments in the video:

“…What we do know is that this planet, especially western Christian civilization, is controlled by a dark, and honestly, unimaginably evil occult, ritualistic, satanic group of people — a cabal, if you will which goes back many hundreds if not thousands of years. It dominates nations almost as if they are toys in a sandbox. That’s how powerful they are. No they’re not presidents. No they’re not kings. They’re above that. They answer to no one. They are above all laws. And I mean laws and morality, as well as political. Human life means nothing to them. In fact, morality, just alluded to, kindness and care mean less than nothing to them. They are in many ways not human by normal measurements, any normal measurements. Now Donald Trump is changing positions, or so it would seem so, on several of his many, many promises and pledges…”

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