The Cyanide/Fracking Connection | COVID: Jim West Expands His Research on Pollution (Not the Virus)

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COVID: Jim West expands his research on pollution (not the virus)

by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News
May 19, 2020


Jim West has been doing original and groundbreaking research on the destructive effects of air pollution for more than 20 years.

In a half-sane world, he would have won many awards and honors, and received extensive funding.

Jim continues to update his huge analysis of epicenters of the “epidemic,” vis-à-vis pollution. Here are several key quotes from an overview he has just written:

“It [his analysis] reveals that COVID-19 epicenters occur only in areas of extremely high air pollution and more specifically, toxic fracked fuel exhaust. Examples are Wuhan, Milan, Madrid, the Tri-State Region (NY/NJ/CT), Louisiana, Denver, etc.”

“The incidence table is suggesting that the big pandemic trigger [not the virus] is likely a recent global change in refinery protocols for fracked fuel (fuel derived from fracked shale oil rather than from traditional crude oil). Fuels could be natural gas, gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, jet fuel, etc….”

“Hydrogen cyanide has been suggested [as a polluting poison]. Cyanide is routinely dumped into the environment by refineries. It is generated by their converters (‘crackers’), where heavy fracked oil and traditional crude oil is converted into lighter products like gasoline and kerosene.”

“Cyanide is a highly toxic gas. The symptoms are similar, if not the same, as COVID-19 disease, i.e., respiratory symptoms and hypoxia (low oxygen), conforming with Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell’s clinical observations of the COVID-19 symptoms, reported on YouTube, i.e., hypoxia, shortness of breath.”

“Refineries are recently requesting that their release limits for cyanide be raised tremendously, and these requests are being granted by government agencies with little obstacle and no public awareness. This is an old scandal which has recently become much more serious.”

To access Jim West’s ongoing and detailed analysis of pollution in “COVID-19” epicenters:

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