The Dearth and Rebirth of Truth

The Dearth and Rebirth of Truth

by Adam Abraham, Thought for Food
May 5, 2021


It’s time to STOP acting as though “scientists” *know* all there is to know, and have the FINAL or DEFINITIVE word on ANY subject.

It is more likely that discoveries or advisories from said “scientists”, as well as the schools that taught them, and organizations that employ them, favor the goals of their financial or professional benefactors, which are not the organizations, but the people who hide behind them.

Whatever the subject, it is time to ask the simple question, “is this True?” “Can this be independently corroborated?” “Are there other metrics available that affect, or are affected by this discovery, either supporting or refuting the finding?”

It’s time to demand that unbiased evidence be presented to corroborate or refute any postulate or theory that promoters would advance that infringes upon the rights, health, and liberties of millions.

I’m talking in generalities, but you can imagine specifics that are involved here.

Possession of the financial resources necessary to produce such reports does not transform checkbook data into biological facts. Nature shares Her secrets to all sincere seekers, at little to no cost. Nature can corroborate or refute any and all theories that humankind has adopted, many of which we are grossly and to our grave detriment, misaligned with.

The good news is the re-aligning with the Laws and physics of Nature, could yield blessings that we might not have room to receive.

A ‘Narrative’ that is NOT Too Big (or Old) to Fail

If you dared persist in questioning the Narrative while “in school”, you faced the risk of being deemed a “problem”, and “treated” like one.

It took me about 40 years to realize that “matriculation” through, and graduation from “schools of higher learning” had devolved into a system that took children and young adults with ideals and open minds and turned them into adults with a narrow vision of the future, and a dim, if non-existent concept of their inherent self-worth that is not tethered to dollars, social or professional standing, or material things.

“Fed” with incomplete, incorrect, or slanted information (e.g., various flavors of “his-story”, “common core” mathematics, and most recently, “Critical Race Theory”… etc), they are certain that the “answers” that they went in debt to learn are the ONLY ones that apply to the questions and issues of life, (especially when they see that they can get “money” by regurgitating their “knowledge” or trying to force or shame it on others),

For generations we have been psychologically conditioned to seek or favor money without seeking Truth, to “do” what money versus Truth tells us is best. Generally its someone else offering money who says one path is “better”, tempting us to override the Voice of Reason, Truth or Common Sense, that suggests a different, and better option. This is a recipe for having little appreciation of the consequences, and diminished ability to stand up to lies when they become known, or to reverse the injustice.

Going Through Life Without a ‘Rudder’

We tend to be blind to, and cut off from the existential evidence of an ongoing and persisting existence that is independent of both “physical” life as we know it, and religious affiliation or leanings.

In other words, survival after the change of state known as physical “death” is not based on membership or affiliation in one religious group, professional, cultural, or ethnic clique, or another, or non-membership in any, is no litmus test of “goodness” or “badness”. or the quality of their experience after physicality.

Their state of mind is a major factor, which can be changed by Truth. Love sustains ALL life and consciousness. Only Truth aligns the unloving with the highest that Love offers.
We see a lot of people doing unloving things, to themselves and each other. Before you “judge” them, examine the lies that their minds are filled with, and imagine them if they knew the truth… starting with the truth of the amazing Being that they really are… if they only knew.

It’s time to START asking for, seeking, discovering, and when found, being guided by TRUTH which unless functionally numbed by chemical contaminants, each has the ability to discern and CHOOSE.

April 8, 1966 Cover Time Magazine

In 1966, Time magazine immortalized the question, “Is God Dead?”. The more salient question to ask was, and is today, “Is Truth Dead?”.

March 23, 2017 Time Magazine cover.

Unfortunately, they revisited the subject in 2017, but the focus was political, as the media remained constantly vigilant with regard to then president Donald Trump’s apparent deviations from truth. That vigilance was set aside throughout the 2020 election process and installation of Joe Biden as titular president. However, the massive fraud ~ in the biological context ~ of the Pandemic itself, which has been a pretext behind many of the social atrocities that are still being propagated today, goes unnoticed.

The short answer to the question of is “Truth Dead?”is “NO!” What we’re witnessing and experiencing is not “the death of Truth;” it is the Dearth of Truth. However, it appears that Truth is dead, not important as long as people allow “authorities” of all stripes to push their agendas without sufficient push back. Godlessness will appear to be rampant, unless Truth is chosen, not by someone else for you, not by you for others, but by YOU, for YOU.

When you choose Truth for YOU, a benefit will be bestowed on everyone else. As they choose Truth for themselves, the benefit will continue and expand.

Your WORDS will gain power, as you speak more consciously and conscientiously, then act in accordance with them.

Left or right, Democrat or Republican, religious or none, God will be unwrapped and uncovered within ALL, …”scientists,” politicians, doctors, bankers… even attorneys who embrace and embody Love *and*… the Rebirth of Truth.


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