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by Zen Gardner
October 30, 2013


I recently wrote a good friend and fellow activist/writer/researcher a hot headed note about the assault we’re witnessing:

We’re so full-spectrum fucked I’m getting seriously tempted to move into nature and just cut the fuck out….but you know I won’t unless my body just quits on me…funny how these bastards have made the death option a viable choice to living in this morass of deceit and manipulation…shit, this assault is mind and soul boggling…

Ever feel that way? Lots do, and are acting accordingly, getting fully off the damn grid and just living with Mother Earth as closely as they can. I envy them even though I’ve moved away from the beast. At this point I feel strongly compelled to do what I’m doing but the stench is so bad now it can get a soul down. We can of course get as close as we can to a balanced lifestyle and do our best to remain as free as possible and cultivate the same in others. But it’s a fight.

The other implied option is “get the fuck out of here any way you can…including death. This world is not fit to live in.”

Sad, but true. Unfortunately this programmed impulse is hitting a wide swathe of humanity, not just the US military. In the UK, Greece, Italy and many other clamped on peoples we’re seeing the heartbreaking reality of the elderly and destitute taking their own lives out of desperation. Death in their lives becomes a better option than living.

It’s Maddening – Of Course

What prompted that response is my walking with our pup to a favorite park that is so peaceful, green and energetically alive it’s just a real treat. Looking up, however, which I constantly do, I again saw the full-on white-out-by-chemtrails in this otherwise idyllic land, converting what would have been a clear and sunny sky into a canopy of other-worldly grey death.

That’ll piss you off bigtime, and in a hurry.

You make an effort to find a beautiful spot for rest and rejuvenation and are again reminded of the scope of the invasion taking place on our planet. I know it happens to many of us. Keeping tabs on this assault is empowering in that you’re maintaining your sanity and clear vision, yet it can close in on you like a vice when you’re powered-down and least expect it.

The Agenda

Euthanasia, birth control and brutal suicide are the same. Don’t let the sanitized bullshit fool you. They’re sociologically induced forms of murder like all of their eugenics programs. Remember, they work very gradually. Oh so incrementally people find themselves accepting the most anti-life, anti-freedom, anti-moral and anti-conscious concepts and resultant actions imaginable. Agenda 21 is a good re-cap of their centuries old eugenics and population control program. You can read their plans from many sources, including the infamous and resoundingly decried Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. They don’t mind putting it in black and white. They’ve simply learned that nothing’s in public awareness until the “accepted” media says so.

Easy breezy at this point, for them.

No, not everybody falls for everything, but the overpowering multi-faceted war on the human spirit wears people down one area at a time. These implanted false ideas become tenets of civilization and the rest is built on top of these false pillars and foundations. That’s why truth archeologists are screaming their heads off. Injected false assumptions have become mainstays of the ensuing mass thought structure creating the massive lie we’re now witnessing.

As Orwell so poignantly (and knowingly) pointed out:

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

It’s all about the narrative. So-called recorded history is the biggest mind screw going. The jury is still not out as far as I’m concerned as to whether Orwell was deliberately warning humanity about this plan he learned about from his buds in the Fabian Society, or if he was just implanting the program and idea, as his  mentor Huxley clearly was. While Orwell was obviously an initiate, many things he later says in his letters seem to indicate he had serious misgivings about whether such a society they were creating was right.

Either way, like the Protocols and many other documents, it’s clear they were meant to come to pass. Because they have. If you don’t believe that, read them again and just look at the world around us. As the paraphrased quote by Napoleon says, “History is written by the victors.” How horrifically true. And we’re now at an apparent culmination of these falsely sold plans as they poison, engineer and steer us clear out of our very humanity.

Turning Adversity Into Action

It was once famously said, “Instead of throwing your life away, why not give it away.” If anyone’s at the end of their rope, it’s a terrific time to let go into a greater reality. Right here.  That may not seem like practical advice to those in dire straights, but the dynamic is the same.

The Controllers are like the obnoxious guest who enjoys seeing people leave the party he’s jealously spoiling. It’s similar to the internet troll mindset. “If I can spoil what’s going on here I’ve done my job.” That’s exactly how fucked up it is. And if that’s not apparent to you yet, you have some serious learning to do.

Do we stop blogging, writing or talking about what’s going on because of these insipid trolls? Of course not! They’re literally running a “wipe” program and are the arrogant bastards who sit back and hope we fall for it. It’s pure bullshit with no other basis than the fabricated reality they’re trying to sell us.

I have to admit as I did here, it does get a soul down at times, this full spectrum assault we’re being subjected to. I just took another bunch of chlorella tabs and did my homeopathic nasal spray when I got home after walking in all that chem-shit. It affects us, and we are forced to react to it and be conscious of it. But it’s how we handle it and translate it into action that matters.

That’s our course of action. And if this knowledge doesn’t lead to an activated life to help bring attention to these issues and help our fellow man, I seriously wonder about those people.

Be aware, rise above it, and be fully alive and active.

“We are the answer we’ve been waiting for” has never been so true.

Much love, Zen

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