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The Department of State and the Nephilim

by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star
October 13, 2020


So many people sent me this particular story that I want to start off by thanking all of you. The second thing I want to do is toot my own horn (or perhaps better in this case, tooting my own horn mouthpiece), because as so many who sent articles pointed out to me, what the following tweet seems to do is corroborate one of my wilder high octane speculations of recent years, namely, that one objective of the Administration of Bush the Stupid for invading Iraq in the aftermath of 9/11 was not to stop Saddam Hussein from acquiring modern weapons of mass destruction, but rather to stop him from acquiring more ancient kinds of weapons of mass destruction, as well as to gain monopoly access to whatever archaeological sites it wished in order to monopolize whatever it may find there, and to prevent anyone else from gaining access to those findings, and thus to “control the narrative.”

In short, the Invasion of Iraq was as much about an “archaeology war” between the USA and Britain on the one hand, and Iraq, France and Germany (whose archaeological teams Hussein was sponsoring), as it was about anything else.

In the process of articulating that speculation, I hypothesized many years ago in various blogs and in footnotes of some of my books, that the Baghdad Museum looting was indeed an inside job, as many in the media and other analysts had concluded. But as I pointed out, the media that began to push that narrative of the looting as an inside job was the well-known German magazine Der Spiegel, which noted that Iraqi witnesses had seen American-uniformed people entering the museum and removing crates and other items from it. My problem with that whole narrative was, and remains, that the German BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst, Federal Security Service or to be much more blunt about it, the Gehlenorg) was alleged at the time of the looting to have a rather heavy commitment of its own intelligence “boots-on-the-ground” in that country, and it would be a simple matter for that intelligence service to dress up in American uniforms and pull off the theft. After all, German and French archaeological teams, whom the US and UK had warned out of the country prior to Bush the Stupid’s invasion, were the ones keeping the field catalogues of what they had dug up in the Iraqi deserts, and would therefore be in a much better position to know what the Museum housed, and where to find it. To this day, it somewhat amazes me that those field catalogues – essentially inventories of what was found, where it was found, by whom, and and what depth and so on – are almost completely omitted from discussions and recounting of the event. For example, Marine Colonel Bogdonavich, who authored a book recounting his efforts to recover the missing loot, never mentions any of this. To be sure, Bogdonavich’s team recovered much priceless art work, but again, there’s a significant omission in American accounts of missing cuneiform tablets. Perhaps Bogdonavich cannot be faulted too much again, because for all we know, his team may not have had any access to those field catalogues. Oddly enough, many alleged missing cuneiform tablets supposedly turned up in the hands of the Spanish government(!), which refused to return them to Iraq, but then that story quietly dropped from view, and we only caught a glimpse of other cuneiform tablets when Hobby Lobby was discovered to have purchased some stolen tablets for its “Bible museum” until it was forced to return them. Again, we have no idea if this is true or not, because the only evidence that could establish that provenance are either those French and German field catalogues or the Museum’s own internal inventories, and to my knowledge, to this day no one has seen them, and no one wants to mention them. We don’t even really know who the French and German participants on those digs were; perhaps those people might be mentioned in some obscure professional journal, but if so, I’m unaware of them, and one would think they would at least merit a mention in some more public record.

With that as a bit of backdrop, consider the following twitter capture that so many people sent me this past week:


Now I have no intention here of going into the political shenanigans going on in this country right now, save to note that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeio’s recent declassification of items in Mrs. Clinton’s emails seems to have turned up a very odd entry indeed, and one post-dating her tenure in that office. If one clicks on the right hand picture and enlarges it, one item of interest leaps out immediately, and upon initial consideration it is a “whopper doozie”, for the summary of the contents of one of them, dated 12/13/2018 and bracketed in red in the above picture, reads as follows:

Requesting documents relating to the resurrection chamber of Gilgamesh, the location of his body, and the location of buried Nephilim. (Emphasis added)

Now I can think of several reasons why the American Department of State would be interested in such matters, and they range the whole spectrum, from the obvious and mundane, to the bizarre, outrageous, and off-the-end-of-the-high-octane-speculation twig type of hypothesis. The more obvious and mundane explanation is simply that the State Department would be deeply involved in any effort to track down any archaeological items or other antiquities stolen from Iraq after the American invasion, including using its own internal and in-house intelligence service to do so. So it might be nothing more than that.

However, I cannot help but think that if there were another agenda for finding “tombs of the Nephilim” then the perfect way to conceal that agenda would be precisely behind a “find-and-recover” mission. If that is the case, then the question becomes “why would they be interested in finding those?” Let’s take a wild leap altogether off the end of the twig: if one suspected that “they” might still be around somehow, or even mingled more into the human population, infiltrating it so to speak, then the only way to find out if that indeed occurred would be to obtain DNA samples from corpses, do the requisite sequencing on the corpses, and then and only then returning them to Iraq. One would then have to test almost the entire human population, or at least large swaths of it, and one could never admit the reason for doing so… One would need to do it under cover of some other activity….

… say, for example, testing for a “virus” during a planscamdemic.

So, I’m not tooting my horn, because there are several possible motivations behind the document and its “admission.” But I am at least tooting the mouthpiece of my horn, because we might just be looking at possible corroboration of my basic speculation of many years ago regarding the archaeological agenda behind the invasion of Iraq…

See you on the flip side…

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