The Doctor Who Risked His Career to Expose the Lies About COVID-19

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by Marshall Hodge
June 7, 2020


Dr. Andrew Kaufman lost his job recently because he refused to conform to the ideas that he didn’t think were true about COVID-19. I sit down with Dr. Kaufman to discuss his perspective on what he thinks is actually going on with this current pandemic…

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Excerpt from interview:

Dr. Andrew Kaufman:

“…Specifically about the mask, I think there are a number of reasons. Primarily, I think it’s to separate people from each other, right? Because this is built on the social distancing and the lockdown procedures, right — where we basically required people to stay at home and not interact with others. And they’ve required people to stay, you know, six feet apart. And the masks then came after that. And, you know, when you come across someone who’s wearing a mask you can’t read their facial expressions. You can’t communicate effectively. So it really serves to separate people.

But I believe there are other underlying, maybe more esoteric, significance of the masks as well. Masks are used in initiation rituals. And perhaps you could envision this process as initiation into a new type of society. And that the participants are actually going through that process as part of it. Also masks result in shame, right? People who experience a high degree of shame — and I’ve encountered this many times in my practice of psychiatry — that people cover their face. So there’s certain hairstyles or wearing dark glasses or different ways to do this. But now we’re in this sort of artificial predicament where people are asked or requested to cover their face, and sometimes with the force of law behind it. And this creates a situation where you feel shame about yourself that you have to cover yourself up, right? Because we’re saying that you’re a source of danger for other people. So if we walk around and see other people as a danger to our health and safety, obviously we’re not going to be able to have normative social relationships like we are meant to as human beings…

… if people are kept separate from each other and unable to interact then they can’t exchange ideas and information about what may be going on right now. So it would be easier to control people and have them accept the mainstream narrative if they’re separated and isolated from each other — and only can rely on you know electronic sources of information, specifically the mainstream media. But there also is some indications that it may actually facilitate this tracking software, right — the contact tracing programs that they’re starting off by putting on people’s smartphones. And that you can get a clearer signal if people are separated from each other. Right? And they’ve even suggested in many jurisdictions that when you’re driving cars to keep separate. Right? I’ve seen video of parking lots where they’ve actually blocked off the space so that you have to be two car lengths. And this kind of separation allows like a GPS signal which could be used for tracing to be isolated from one person from another…”

In the event that the original video is censored and deleted by the source social media platform, link here to a mirrored copy on Truth Comes to Light Bitchute channel.

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  • Heather
    July 2, 2020, 10:17 am

    A genuine man, I first saw Dr Kaufman being interviewed by James True, I have since seen a number of his interviews. I resonate with pretty much everything he says; as a researcher/writer myself who has been researching for over 11 years, predominantly on nutrition and health, I have found people like Dr Kaufman energy lifting, in such oppressive/depressing times it lifts the soul for sure.