The Dumbed Down Lack of Understanding About Anarchy

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The Dumbed Down Lack of Understanding About Anarchy

by Gary D. Barnett
August 13, 2021


It is very frustrating that so many have accepted the modern and bastardized ‘definition’ of anarchy. Most have been wrongly convinced that anarchy means chaos, lawlessness, looting, rioting, property destruction, and assault. Nothing could be more absurd.

Language is of great importance to any society that seeks or desires to be free. The misuse of language and its meaning is not only rampant in this day and age, it is totally ludicrous, and since the intellect of Americans has for decades and even centuries declined, the corruption of language and meanings has become a way for the state to manipulate the thought of the masses so that certain agendas can be perpetuated. It is a dumbing down of society by deception and stealth through broad-based propaganda.

One simply has to go to the root of words; the original meanings that do not change, but are purposely and arbitrarily altered by government and media in order to advance a particular way of thinking, or in this case, not thinking. The word “anarchy” is rooted in the base of the English language that is Latin and Greek. It means “without rule,” or “without rulers.” In other words, it means self-rule of individuals, whether individuals act collectively or not. It does not mean lawlessness, murder, and chaos in the streets, as is promoted by the state today so that those against the evil government can be falsely accused of being criminal.

I almost hesitate calling myself an anarchist at times because of the gross misunderstanding of that term by so many, but that is exactly what I am. I am not a Republican or Democrat; I am not right wing, left wing, or a member of any political party in any shape, form, or fashion, including Libertarian. I simply do not respect any governing system based on force; therefore I respect no rule over the individual other than natural law.

I am bringing this up because in nearly every conversation, nearly every interview, and nearly every correspondence, my position as an anarchist is completely misunderstood by most, and I am attacked for it, even though most have no idea whatsoever what anarchy is, and why it is so important. It is not a political ‘system,’ it is not meant to be a national or state organized governing plan, nor could it be, and I or any other honest believer of individual freedom wants to force anarchy on any other, or expect all to adhere to that view. The beauty of anarchy is individual self-rule, which negates any top-down, tyrannical, or totalitarian structure whatsoever. Therefore, it is a protection for liberty, never a cause for the loss of liberty.

I felt obligated today to once again answer a reader’s misinformed position about anarchy, so I thought I would explain the true meaning of real anarchy, so as to clarify the term. Part of the initial response to me I have posted below, along with my reply. It is obvious that this responder has no idea of the real meaning of anarchy, and that it is not meant to be a national or state governmental structure.

“One can certainly choose to live outside of civilization, but since civilization cannot exist without a rule of law, it is impossible for stateless law (governance without government) to spring to life ex nihilo, devolution from subordinated states being the most logical and globally impactful means (especially if they were American states) of devolving in the actionable manner that I described.  

Or do you honestly believe that in complete defiance of (post hunter-gatherer / New World) history, a free, antifragile society can in fact spring to life ex nihilo?“

My answer:

Once again, you misunderstand my position completely, and fail to grasp the fact that I am very intelligent and fully understand the concepts of government. You also fail to grasp that I am a realist, and know how this system works, how it survives, and that no utopia or lawless society is magically forthcoming. I have never taken or promoted such idiocy.

I am an anarchist in my philosophical approach and belief, and expect no other to accept or act the way I might, as anarchy has absolutely nothing to do with reverting to lawlessness, divine intervention, or chaos; it has only to do with self-rule of the individual. I have never once claimed that anarchy is some form of government that requires a national or state participation, as anarchy is simply living without rule, and could never be a mass political system. Real secession, mass secession, would require that small units or communities would spring up, and people would necessarily be attracted to different ways of doing things as individuals voluntarily, and without coercion or force. The only way to gain a decent free society, is to break away from rule, not natural laws, and it would have to be a peaceful transition to be legitimate. 

I do not expect any such thing to happen due to the absolute ignorance and dependent nature of the human species, (especially Americans) and the broad-based natural inclination of the herd to be led, but it could happen in small units and areas given no evident tyranny by a corrupt governing system like the one that is present here, and around the world today.

People are anarchists every single day of their lives, or they could never survive at all. All have to make individual decisions, and act and react on their own without guidance from above in order to function. I would just like to see more of it.

As to having no concern as to how things can or should happen or improve, that is asinine, as total non-aggression, natural respect for that premise, and peaceful co-existence are necessary in order for any proper anarchical structure, regardless of size. As I said, devolution can be useful if its aim is to not stop at simply replacing a national government with state government. Since my position is that all government is evil, partial devolution would simply result in a new system that would still be bent on a continuous gain of power, as is the goal of all political systems, all politicians, and all government at every level.

Groups, herds, mobs, collectives have no ability to think critically, or at all, or survive without top-down rule, and therefore are worthless in any effort to actually gain real freedom.”


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