The Long Draconian Arm of the New World ‘Rule of Law’

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by Zen Gardner
June 25, 2013


Get this:

A senior U.S. official delivered a terse statement to Hong Kong on Saturday about Snowden, saying, “If Hong Kong doesn’t act soon, it will complicate our bilateral relations and raise questions about Hong Kong’s commitment to the rule of law.” (Source)

You can’t possibly read that any other way than crass self-justified intimidation.

Reminds you immediately of Ding W’s, “You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists.”  Now to the hypno-blinded by the deception, that makes total sense. Within the bubble of their construct that means, “You terrorist harbingers better watch out, we’re pissed and have a righteous cause here to defend at any cost, and if you don’t toe the line we’re coming after you!”

In reality it’s a bold faced threat veiled in a fascist false choice.  The difference here is the “rule of law” claim intimates that they’ve got everything in place in the new world structure to where what they claim as law is now international law. Doesn’t matter if it keeps changing, “It’s the Law!”


The Pincers of Totalitarian Control

Call it globalization, or internationalization, a sustainable integrated system, whatever innocuous sounding term they use, it’s the advancement of the One World Plan. The loss of sovereignty is what it really is.

The constant erosion of personal liberties is being worked in concert with loss of national sovereignty.

For centuries social engineers have been working towards this breakdown of anything indigenous to humanity – such as cultures, micro-societies, history, education and right down to the family unit. Anything that would interfere with direct allegiance to the State. Only this would be a global state.

It takes some doing but they’ve been working toward this goal for a long, long time. Early experiments by the Jesuits with communalism in Latin America were part of this. The obvious ones like Communist pogroms in Russia, China, Cambodia, the fascist regimes of Hitler and Mussolini were all part of the process to see what works and to soften up humanity to the idea, even if in reaction to it. That too can be easily channeled in their favor, as has the bold-faced Zionism fabrication, nothing but an occult celebration of wealth, power and control centralized and manifested like a festering boil on the ass of humanity.

The more subtle techniques, besides the deft use of mind numbing religion and futile politics, include the rise of eugenics in the US and then Germany, and the various secret societies and their think tanks and “foundations” working to erode any and all societal constructs. Secret scientific developments of chemicals and drugs to dumb down and control humanity, and not the least of which is the take over of the world media leading to its current use as a psychological cudgel on the brains of humanity.

The “masses” can’t see it happening around them. Certainly the controlled media won’t point it out or blow the whistle. These ideas are only presented in carefully carved and channeled historical contexts that keep a good, safe distance from the current reality. Ah, good old academia, musty-fying reality for generations of unquestioning followers to come. And to explain the current draconian crackdown on anything and everything? The same rhetoric every duped society ever heard – “protect the homeland, there are forces trying to attack us, they hate our freedoms..”

But again, who’s looking? “1984 came and went, what’s your point? Now pass the MSGed-GMO fries that aren’t’ potatoes anyway and hand me my aspartame-fluoridated high fructose corn syrup bubbly and leave me be, spineless Sponge Bob is on TV. Oh, look honey, those cool long clouds are spreading out over the house again, should be a great sunset if they do like they did yesterday…”


Where Are We Now?

Throwing down this “rule of law” gauntlet is no small thing. It’s nothing new but they’re swinging their stick with new found hubris and wild-eyed avarice. To me it says they’ve got the go ahead, “We shall now operate as if the NWO government is fully in place whether we spell it out for them or not.” You know that’s true when you just follow the activities of NATO, as well as the decisions by Heads of State.

We know it’s in place, the EU, World Economic Council, the World Monetary Fund, the UN, Agenda 21 rolling out worldwide, the power of the central bankster cabal as exemplified by the Bank of International Settlements etc. We’re pretty far down the tubes.

Standing up to the international cabal now policed by NATO is becoming harder and harder to do. Even Russia and China are having to dance around while they figure out what to do with this gang of psychopathic, blood thirsty, trigger-happy drone fleet commanders. And given the opportunity they’d do the same thing, and have.

Should be interesting to see if they try to slice up the pie like they did after WW2, only ahead of time to avoid a full on nuclear war.

The question is if anyone can get this rapacious US based and fueled bully to back down long enough to realize the insanity of their plundering.

Personally, I doubt it. Too much momentum.

The only reasoning going on amongst them is, “Who’s behaving and we’ll keep on board, and who’s going to be liquidated.” Basically, “What’s in it for me?” is the bottom line amongst these greedy power freaks. And that’s based on their enslaved “loyalty” to the forces above them. Man, are they in for a surprise when their services are no longer needed”, ha!

No thank you, all that is not a prospect in my universe. You guys go ahead and destroy each other, but leave us out of it. Oh, that’s right, you have millions duped that you care about them and this is all for their own good, sorry, I forgot.

Well guess what. They’re waking to your scam up at an accelerating rate, and you know it. Your power is waning by the minute.

So as you go about your cold control business know that the whole Universe is watching, and an awakening humanity fears you NOT!

Evil eventually destroys itself. But please, do it amongst yourselves, boys, we don’t want anything to do with you.

Keep on awakening and waking others up, folks, we have them reeling!

Love, Zen