The Media Are the Terrorists

The Media Are the Terrorists

by James Corbett, The Corbett Report
October 24, 2022


Yes, it’s true: the terrorists do hate you for your freedoms, and yes, the terrorists are out to get you. But here’s the real question: Who are the terrorists? Join James for today’s important edition of The Corbett Report podcast where he explores the nexus between mass media and modern-day terrorism.

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Brian Williams is guided by the beauty of our weapons in Syria strikes 
Time Reference: 01:03


Wolf Blitzer questions whether a move to stop bombing civilians will hurt defence contractors’ bottom lines
Time Reference: 01:29


Jim Cramer advocates cyberterrorism against US enemies
Time Reference: 02:20


The Media Matrix
Time Reference: 03:17


The Copycat Effect by Loren Coleman
Time Reference: 04:36


Mailman massacre: 14 die after Patrick Sherrill ‘goes postal’ in 1986 shootings
Time Reference: 07:11


A former postal worker commits mass murder
Time Reference: 07:18


Ex-Postal Employee Is Arrested in Deaths of Two in California
Time Reference: 07:22


Three weeks of terror: How the 2002 D.C. sniper attacks unfolded
Time Reference: 08:09


One Sniper Is Suspected in Three Killings in West Virginia
Time Reference: 08:45


British MP shot in attack by copycat sniper
Time Reference: 08:53


Turkish police search for copycat sniper
Time Reference: 09:02


Corbett Report Radio 182 – The Copycat Effect with Loren Coleman
Time Reference: 11:28


Loren Coleman’s Twilight Language blog
Time Reference: 17:12


Creepy Clowns and the Copycat Effect – Media Monarchy w/Loren Coleman
Time Reference: 17:41


Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’ Carries Danger of Glorifying Suicide, Experts Say
Time Reference: 19:29


Psychologists warn ’13 Reasons Why’ could inspire copycat suicides
Time Reference: 20:14


13 Things Pediatricians Should Know (and Do) About 13 Reasons Why
Time Reference: 20:52


Association Between the Release of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and Suicide Rates in the United States: An Interrupted Time Series Analysis
Time Reference: 21:47


Netflix removes 13 Reasons Why’s controversial suicide scene
Time Reference: 22:46


Judge rules in Netflix’s favor over ‘13 Reasons Why’ suicide lawsuit
Time Reference: 23:03


OBL: “You’ll see them and hear about them in the media . . . God willing.”
Time Reference: 26:26


Mike Francesca on WFAN 9/11 (“like Independence Day“)
Time Reference: 26:38


Mass Media: A History (online course)
Time Reference: 28:21


September 11: The Pentagon’s B-Movie
Time Reference: 32:19


The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright (Schwarzenegger movie night for Qaeda terrorists)
Time Reference: 34:19


9/11 War Games
Time Reference: 39:14


Graeme Macqueen Discusses “9/11: The Pentagon’s B-movie” on the Freedom Loves Company podcast (2017)
Time Reference: 39:29


The Psychological Implications of Media-Covered Terrorism
Time Reference: 47:37


New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern says “disinformation” should be controlled like “weapons of old,” guns, nukes
Time Reference: 50:04


The Bombings of America That We Forgot
Time Reference: 54:36


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