The Moons of Mars: “Fear” & “Trembling” in News Unrelated to Coronavirus

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by Joseph P. Farrell
Giza Death Star Community
March 5, 2020



Phobos and Deimos, the moons of Mars, are named for the Greek words fear and trembling.

Joseph Farrell shares insights about the huge mystery surrounding these moons and the various attempts by space programs to discover what they really are.

Covert Wars and the Clash of Civilizations: UFOS, Oligarchs and Space Secrecy
by Joseph P. Farrell
Oxford-educated historian Joseph P. Farrell delivers the sequel to his best-selling Cover Wars and Breakaway Civilization, part of his book series on suppressed technology, Nazi survival, secret finance and postwar hidden conflicts. His customary meticulous research and sharp analysis blow the lid off of a worldwide web of nefarious financial and technological control that very few people even suspect exists.
Farrell continues to delve into the creation of a breakaway civilization by the Nazis in South America and other parts of the world. He elaborates on the advanced technology that they took with them at the “end” of World War II and shows how the breakaway civilization has created a huge system of hidden finance with the involvement various banks and financial institutions around the world. He continues to look into the secret space programs used by the breakaway civilization and the clash of civilizations-a virtual secret war going on around us-and the current space secrecy that involves UFOs, suppressed technologies and the hidden oligarchs who control planet earth for their own gain and profit.
Farrell includes plenty of astounding accounts, documents and speculation on the amazing alternative history of hidden conflicts, secret super-finance and technology.