The Only ‘National Security’ Necessary Is the Elimination of the ‘National Security State’?

The Only ‘National Security’ Necessary Is the Elimination of the ‘National Security State’?

by Gary D. Barnett
August 13, 2022


I’m afraid, based on my own experience, that fascism will come to America in the name of national security.”

~ Jim Garrison

“National Security” is just the excuse for every form imaginable of tyranny, totalitarianism, privacy destruction, abuse of freedoms, aggression, terror, and war. Every time I hear this deceptive and scurrilous term, I cringe knowing that lies, deceit, and horror are on the horizon. It is based completely on false fear; fear planted in the minds of the people in order to force (goad) them to run to government and the state for protection from fabricated enemies. It is the state’s go to argument when additional control is sought, and it has worked nearly every time it has been tried. It is currently the mainstay of this fascist state called America, and it is still effective. The term ‘national security’ is nothing more than sheer propaganda based on unwarranted fearmongering.

One has to wonder, given that this country has never been aggressively attacked on its home soil by any foreign aggressor state, how the term ‘national security’ ever became the default reasoning for any and every aggressive war waged by this government against countries around the world. It is not just war against other innocent countries that has been waged, aggression in the name of national security has been levied against the American population almost continually, whether in the case of desired war, disasters, ‘pandemics,’ bogus ‘climate change’ risks, state and federal emergencies, and any number of other deceptive means of control.

Before the letters start rolling in claiming that the sinking of the Lusitania, the Pearl Harbor attack, the Gulf of Tonkin false flag, and the 9/11 inside job were acts of pure aggression by outsiders, please refrain from such nonsense. They all, and many more, were set up and staged, and led to major wars of aggression by the U.S. against multiple foreign countries that had nothing to do with attacking America. In the process, freedom was destroyed. This has been written about by very many scholars for decades, and plenty of proof has been forthcoming. As I have stated over and over again, the United States has aggressively attacked many other countries, as well as Americans, and has prosecuted wars of aggression for 93% (an understatement in my estimation) of its entire history against those who never attacked or were a threat to this country; all under the pretext of ‘national security.’

In that effort, the vast U.S. national security state has been built on the blood and property of every American citizen, and has grown into a bureaucratic behemoth unimagined in earlier times. U.S. military spending matches the rest of the world combined, and dwarfs every country on earth by a huge margin. One would think that this insanity would guarantee that the U.S. had the most powerful military, and the highest sophistication of military weaponry, but that is likely not accurate by any measure, as many criminal corporations, politicians, foreign heads of state, and contractors are enriched due to this ludicrous amount of spending, and waste and fraud are basically incalculable. Of course, this is all by design, as those controlling the government and the political heads, are always paid off and protected by their dependent pawns in government.

The total national security state budget for early 2019 was over $1.25 trillion, and it has grown exponentially since that time. Allotted military spending alone has increased by over a quarter of a trillion dollars in just the last three years. Just in the past few days, IRS spending increased by $80 billion in order to hire 87,000 new agents; 70,000 of them armed and willing to use deadly force against American citizens. Is this for ‘national security,’ or meant to control any who speak out against government? Obviously, it has nothing to do with collecting taxes, as this country through its atrocious central banks prints all the money it wants at will. A new militarized IRS can be nothing more than a heinous and murderous arm of the controlling class, and used to keep the sheep in line, and stifle truthtellers and dissent by brute force of arms.

Private self defense is always necessary in this world we live in, but national defense through a state-controlled military and ‘national security state’ system, is always meant to be used to dominate the masses by extreme tyrannical measures under the guise of protecting the hapless and helpless citizenry. It is never for the purpose of actual defense, as all government is based on brutal and forcible offensive control of its subjects. As long as the people of this country continue to voluntarily allow such a powerful state to exist, all will be relegated to the position of guaranteed slavery. In that light, is it any wonder what has happened since early 2020, and how can any thinking individual not understand that this extreme tyranny at the hands of the state was not only planned long in advance, but was completely and purposely exposed beforehand? The warnings were evident, but very few listened or paid any attention to the signs given, and have sat idle in a pool of indifference, as the downfall of this country has taken shape.

If one considers all the money and resources taken by and for the benefit of the state itself, little is left for any other purpose. The state simply sucks up all the production of its subjects through taxation and central bank money printing, and in the process, inherent inflation abounds. This is accomplished through theft, extreme deception, and propaganda, and destroys the psyche of the individual, leaving only a collective mass of non-thinking commoners, lost in a fog of ignorance.

The government consumes most all the energy of its population in one way or another. Bureaucracies abound, and the enforcement arm of the government is now at very extreme levels, as police, state and federal militaries, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the IRS, and hundreds of other enforcement and restrictive regulatory agencies abound. Virtually everything, every movement, every communication, every action by individuals is in one way or another the reasoning used for policing the people. Government and the state apparatus care nothing for its citizens, but revel in the ability to control them. This is the essence of the state, and why if freedom is desired, the state must be abolished.

If the so-called ‘national security’ arm of the state can be eliminated or made impotent, the power of government to monitor and control the masses will be severely curtailed, allowing for more liberty and less restriction. It is the vital first step, but in order for this heinous security state to be castrated, we as individuals must cease to rely on government promises of protection, stand on our own as individuals en masse, and destroy the entire notion of a ‘national security state.’

It has been said, and I agree; as goes the U.S., so goes the world. If nothing is done to stop this assault on Americans and the rest of the world, be prepared for more war; likely major or world war with nuclear armed nations. Be prepared for more tyranny and more slaughter. This will all be by design, will help eliminate much of mankind as is sought by the state, all while the ruling elites sit back in comfort and watch, as the civilian populations are used as fodder for the agenda of world government and a world ‘security state.’

Freedom and legitimate national security are one and the same, while the so-called state and its false promise of national security spells aggression, restriction and regulation, fascist control, murder, and slavery. In order to regain freedom, the elimination of government and its national security state must be achieved.

“The words ‘national’ and ‘security’ are like precursors for a binary chemical weapon: not overly dangerous by themselves, but capable of completely shutting down the brain and nervous system when used in combination.”

~ John Alejandro King a.k.a. The Covert Comic


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