The Paradigms They Are A-Shiftin’

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by Zen Gardner
August 1, 2013


(Adaptation of Bob Dylan’s prescient song “The Times They Are A-Changin’”, written in 1963.)


Come gather ’round people
Get out of your car
The cameras around you
All know who you are
You thought this would happen
In some time afar
But it’s happening right now before you….
As the waves you saw mounting
Now flood where you are
For the paradigms they are a-shiftin’.

Religions, Freemasons
Illuminati and all
They each work in concert
To devise our fall
Will you look around
And take up the call
This world they’ve contrived is a prison…
So you’d better wake up
Or get locked in their walls
For the paradigms they are a-shiftin’.

Come senators, congressmen
And all who are bought
You know you are crooked
And with fear are fraught
You’ve neglected the poor
And our good have not sought
We know you’re all working against us…
But in your devices
You soon shall be caught
For the paradigms they are a-shiftin’.

The curtain is drawn
And now all can see
The Matrix is not all
It’s cracked up to be
It’s we that they fear
Since we’ll always be free
No matter what evil befalls us…
Just let in the Light
And the darkness will flee
For the paradigms they are a-shiftin’.

And so we wonder
Just what can we do
Know that to Truth
Love and Conscience be true
The awakening’s happening
To me and you
And there’s no way that they can control it…
So follow your heart
The vibrations are true
For the paradigms they are a-shiftin’.


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