The Politicization of Medicine & the Dangerous Vaccine Agenda Created

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The Politicization Of Medicine & the Dangerous Vaccine Agenda Created

by Ryan Cristian, The Last American Vagabond
January 6, 2021


Joining me today is Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, here to discuss the very real dangers of taking the experimental COVID-19 vaccines, the politicization of the medical & scientific fields, and how that has led to pharma-controlled industries which consider your health and safety a secondary concern – if considered at all.

All of this has not only been allowed, but actively participated in, by the very politicians and agencies charged with your safety.

Now, in a time of shockingly absent transparency and government accountability, COVID-19 is being used as the final catch-all justification to put the finishing touches on the complete pharma take over of the US medical industry.

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