The Truth and Scam Behind Time’s Person of the Year

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Source:  WeAreChange
Published on Dec 11, 2018…

In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on Times Person of the Year. Have they said something legitimate or is this another case of propaganda?

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Excerpt from December 13, 2018 newsletter:

YouTube is at it again censoring this media organization in particular. Aside from our videos being demonetized and put up for review when merely mentioning the “Yellow Jackets”, “Yellow Vests”, and even “Paris”, WeAreChange has been delisted as well!. On the left side of the picture above, you can clearly see they are promoting the same old establishment approved mainstream media.

Despite the fact I risked my life to give you insightful live unfiltered footage on the ground as it happened and garnered hundreds of thousands of views across the globe you will not find our videos when searching YouTube. This is of course, by design. In fact, Time magazine recently chastized it’s parent company Google for not doing enough to curate a.k.a censor speech while announcing “The Guardians” as their “Person Of The Year”.

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