The Untapped Power of Releasing Judgement

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by Zen Gardner
December 11, 2017


Judgement is a loaded and oft misused term. Perhaps discernment is a better word in most cases when it comes to perception, rather than drawing definitive lines as judgement implies, since we know so little regarding our experiential realm. After all, we’re each operating from our own belief systems when it comes to how we judge people, circumstances and even ideas.

Our individual belief based realities are so subjective it’s virtually impossible to arrive at agreed upon perspectives. We each decide for ourselves what we think is best for us individually. Where the encroachment happens is in our projecting onto others our belief systems, when we’re all individuals with only parts of a morphing jigsaw puzzle. The more objective way to view this interactive maze is from a higher dimensional overview.

Ironically, judgement in itself is not knowing or understanding. When we truly know we don’t judge. It’s all about alignment. We don’t judge when we’re in alignment with Source. We just know. Despite the sliding scales of relativism in the mental and belief realms, there is an underlying energetic reality that transcends judgement. The judgement that we’re identifying here only happens when we’re out of alignment with Source.

Discernment vs Judgement

The word discernment implies a sense of conscious perception of reality. Intentions and actions of others are often perceived via limited and heavily tainted judgement mechanisms, and are often harsh, absolute and frequently quite condemning. In reality we really don’t know the full story or path of another, we just project from our own experience and beliefs. Whether on purpose or not, judgement can also be a sort of social and even ego based survival tool we employ to support our own views.

It happens with everyone, whether consciously or unconsciously. We’ve been taught to operate this way, as it’s been used collectively to set social norms as well as taboos. Categorizing as a result of such judgement is usually a safety mechanism we think will help us manage people, situations and information. Ironically, while we do judge and categorize others, we’re also subjects of the same process ourselves in the hearts and minds of others. In that light, it’s no wonder the world often appears separated and fragmented when in reality we are all one.

Imagine if all judgement was true discernment based on a greater sense of conscious reality from a perspective of love. Imagine seeing the beauty of what we observe instead of reacting in judgement. This is the world we each long for and know exists at some level. It is coming into being one realization at a time as new worlds are being birthed, one transformed life at a time.

The Journey is One Step at a Time

The first step is to notice it in ourselves. Take note how a strong judgement of anyone or anything leaves little room for true transcendent love that respects all living things and the splendor of all creation and the underlying Source within everything. Understanding this process transcends seeing what another goes through as “good or bad” when it’s all ultimately energy and free will playing out, finding its way back to Source. This tempers and supersedes reactivity, a learned behavior which only further emphasizes conflict and separation.

When we take responsibility when called for yet forego negative judgement we uplift the spirit of our thoughts and actions. Some things are even none of our business yet we often get into judgement to feel better about ourselves and reinforce our sense of “rightness”. Being so sure about what is “right and wrong” in any situation often stems from this type of judgement. Are we really seeing the big picture? Perhaps things are just as they should be in a fundamental sense. Are we maintaining a higher frequency in our perception? Are we looking for the good and deeper purpose in others or situations? These are conscious guidelines that can help us.

One way to discern wrong judgement is its polarizing effect. In fact judgement feeds off of dualism and this polarization of right and wrong, black and white, much like the infamous checkerboard playing field of the matrix. As long as we can be polarized in any form we become subject to the dominant players in a game not of our conscious choosing. We’re then easily caught in the trap of resisting which only leads to operating in a lower density and this misguided play persisting.

It all begins in our hearts and thoughts. Once misguided emotions are pulled in to participate we unwittingly become even more securely plugged into the web of this matrix, often having the opposite effect of what we’re struggling to do in our triggered reactivity. We’ve all fallen for this game. It’s not easy to transcend and maintain a detached and more aware conscious state here, but it’s well worth the effort and has the greatest beneficial effect overall.

Even the slightest attempts in this direction show us how deeply ingrained our mental habits are towards judgement and the like. Thankfully even that only further strengthens our resolve to overcome the negative pull of polarity. As an example, some are reacting even now to these ideas, categorizing them as new age, escapist, irresponsible and the like. They’ll eventually get past that if they so choose, but again, this is part of their process and nothing to be condemned. It’s the nature of growth and change.

The requirement for continual growth is malleability and fluidity, constant personal change, and focused yet relaxed intention. The simplest path is following our passion, doing what inspires and excites us. And while it may require some conscious recognition and release of old patterns, the rewards are magical.

Taking an Honest Look

If we trace this dynamic back we can see how wrong judgement of this sort leads to anger, self righteousness, resentment, bitterness and a whole host of loveless, unhappy, negative and unconscious states of being. No amount of knowledge or information regarding the works of ignorance and darkness brings happiness, unless put forth in their true context for the simple goal of awareness and perspective. Otherwise, over dwelling on the negative brings on reactivity and entrapment in that lower vibrational frequency. At that point the loop persists as egos attach to their roles on the dualistic playing field rather than dissolving into a much higher, more effective energetic form.

This is not to say there isn’t a time for conscious actions of all sorts. This isn’t some blissed out state of inactivity, although it can be for some. We each have unique capabilities and avenues of response and creativity during our tenure here. We just need to operate consciously as fully as possible in that unified field we each are connected to.

True love sees the good and possibilities. It’s not unaware of the full spectrum between light and dark energies, it simply transcends them. An attitude of love shouldn’t be part time or conditional, yet that is our challenge. It applies across the spectrum of existence. That’s where Source operates and of which we are part.

The entanglement we’re experiencing here is a testing and training ground, to strengthen us, as well as to enjoy. We may not get it right away, but we have eternity for this never-ending process of learning. If we’d rather wait on making further progress for whatever reasons in our immediate situations, as many choose to do, so be it. Although as humanity is experiencing now, circumstances eventually become quite uncomfortable which propels us towards change. When the overall milieu changes to a more loving one it’s quite contagious and softens others to the idea. The key is to help turn the tide by changing ourselves first.

The reason attachments are held on to so adamantly is because the alternative of letting go can appear a bit scary to many. We tend to identify with our actions and beliefs and sense of separateness as we feel it’s a negation of our cherished self image. It’s that heavily reinforced case of mistaken identity. None of that is our true self. Our stories are not who we really are. Our true higher selves operate at an entirely different level.

Ironically, to think we can fix and save others often judges and divides while at the same time feeding unhealthy social complexes and unresolved personal issues. Not that we aren’t to uplift and help one another in whatever way we’re called to, but to acknowledge oneness uplifts all life and separation loses its illusory grip. Identifying aspects of differentiation is completely normal, but an underlying attitude and understanding of unity awareness overrides this dynamic of separation at the root level.

The Power of Love

With this one fundamental tool of real love we can bypass a myriad of illusions and distractions in this lower density. Within us lies the connection to much higher frequencies, hence the feelings of dissociation and confusion we sometimes experience here in the mixing of these contradictory, paradoxical worlds.

The very fact that we can grasp these and other seemingly esoteric concepts attests to the existence of these unseen and sometimes deliberately hidden realities. The longings and experiences of our hearts and spirits speak to this as well. Polarized mind-based settled science is yet to quantify this to their satisfaction, but many in that field are realizing some very deep esoteric truths must be at play. This is yet more evidence of the energetic shift under way and another vector of awakening that is also changing the morphic field we inhabit.

Such is our current state, but this socio-spiritual stasis is not a constant. It is continually shifting. We can either ride with it or resist these changes, it’s up to us. Heading for the middle of the river where the current is strong and fast and staying as buoyant as possible is the ultimate ride for those who want answers and peace for our planet. It may not appear to be an easy task but this is due to our attachment to our emotional pasts that still await dissolving. Thankfully the “uncomfortable” alternatives we all experience here eventually lead us to that course of full freedom and fulfillment. This built in contrast thankfully has a powerful catalytic effect which then brings growth, much like a germinating seed reaching through the dark soil towards the light.

Sail courageously, whatever course you choose. Each of our paths are different but we share an amazing energetic commonality, one without limits and which we’re here to tap into and explore.

The key is within us, not outside of us. When we personally change, everything changes, including our personal realities – and in more ways than we can even imagine, so far, but they do manifest, howbeit incrementally.

There is no destination or ultimate outcome. The process is ongoing and always now, continually creating new realms and realities in constant expansion in a non-judging multiverse far beyond our comprehension.

It’s all pretty wonderful after all, isn’t it?


In love, Zen

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