The Weaponisation of Psychiatry Against Critics of Governments’ Covid Narrative

The Weaponisation of Psychiatry Against Critics of Governments’ Covid Narrative

by Rhoda Wilson, The Exposé
December 12, 2022


Psychiatry has been the enforcer of choice used by strong-arm governments for as long as it has existed. After all, psychiatry is the perfect cover to make targeted individuals do what government wants. If psychiatry is targeting a person, it can be considered a private medical matter and not a matter of the State or a police action.

As a bonus for the authoritarians, psychiatry diagnoses the targeted person and the diagnosis says it is this person who is sick, wrong, or out of step. Nothing to see here, just a sick person, move right along.

As a double bonus for the oppressors, psychiatry is able to administer powerful drugs and even electroshock that prevent clear thinking and, in fact, can cause a chemical lobotomy and other brain damage in the case of antipsychotic drugs, and brain damage in the case of electroshock. This tactic of drugging or shocking the targeted critic neutralises that individual.

The above was the subject of Children’s Health Defense Canada’s Sherry Strong’s interview with Dr. Peter Breggin, see the video below.  They discussed how psychiatry has been used in the past and how it is now being used to target Covid critics and resisters.

Children’s Health Defense Canada: Dr. Peter Breggin on The Weaponization of Mental Health Edicts,
29 November 2022 (51 mins)

As a way of showing how important and relevant this topic is in the Covid era, Strong began by briefly describing some examples in Canada where psychiatry has been weaponised to silence those who speak out against the official false Covid narrative:

  • A Canadian firefighter was committed to a mental hospital by his wife, who had a senior position at Alberta Health Services.  The wife told her husband she would leave him if he didn’t get vaccinated.  When he refused to get vaccinated and was under threat of losing his job, she decided to have him committed saying he was mentally unstable.
  • Dr. Mel Bruchet was imprisoned in a mental facility and drugged against his will for revealing that there was an excessive number of stillbirths occurring in Vancouver hospitals. (Further reading: Doctors Claim Stillbirths Exploding Across Canada, The European Union Times, 6 December 2021)
  • Chris Vaughan, a freedom fighter, has been imprisoned in the Langley Mental Facility and drugged against his will with the doctor having total control over his life.
  • Dr. Francis Christian from Saskatchewan was threatened by the Health Minister, whilst in the act of firing him, with accusations of a mental health issue because Dr. Christian was questioning the safety of Covid injections for children.  (Further reading: Surgeon fired by College of Medicine for voicing safety concerns about Covid shots for children, Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, 23 June 2021)

Dr. Breggin began with a history of the weaponisation of psychiatry.  Probably the greatest example of psychiatry being used as a tool of oppression is the use of organised psychiatry during the holocaust in Germany, Dr. Breggin explained, “and it was defended by the European and American psychiatric establishment.”

In 1920 they started debating and discussing how to do mass murder of lives not worth living.  By the time Hitler came to power, psychiatry was prepared to step in and, on its own, create a so-called euthanasia program for its entire state mental hospital population and, working with paediatricians, many children in paediatric units.

“They probably murdered somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000 Germans,” Dr. Breggin said. Then Hitler cancelled the program because it was unpopular with the German public.  “It was probably the only time he got booed in public, was around this issue.”  So, Hitler cancelled the euthanasia program. However, he then incorporated it into the start of the Holocaust – the first head of the Nazi extermination camp was the former head of a psychiatric extermination camp.

Many people who were witnesses to the Nuremberg trials wrote that the holocaust may not have happened if psychiatry’s euthanasia program had not been allowed to go ahead so flawlessly, Dr. Breggin said.

A number of historians have pointed out that the scientific bureaucratisation of murder was a unique quality of the holocaust; but none seem to have given credit to the source. Bureaucratic, scientific killing ·was invented and first implemented by organised psychiatry. This is one reason why physicians Mitscherlich, Alexander and Ivy each separately declared that psychiatry was key to the holocaust and that the tragedy might not have happened without the initial euthanasia program.

Psychiatry’s role in the holocaust, Peter R. Breggin, 12 March 1993

In the US today, Dr Breggin said, “I’m not hearing as many reports as you’re hearing [in Canada], but we’re deeply concerned about it.  We’re deeply concerned about concepts that are being pushed around like mass psychosis [or] mass formation psychosis.  The problem is empowering psychiatry to address masses with psychosis.  This is terrifying … It will be used, eventually, by someone, as a great tool to do these mass diagnoses.  Even Russia and China do these individual diagnoses – people end up in mental hospitals when they go against the going narrative.”

At the end of the interview (timestamp 40:08), Dr. Breggin explained the difference between “mass formation” and “mass formation psychosis.”  Prof. Matthias Desmet talks about mass formation, while Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Mark McDonald talk about mass formation psychosis. What Dr. McDonald means by mass formation psychosis is different, according to Dr. Breggin, from what Dr. Malone means when he uses the term.

Recently in Ontario, Canada, guidance was issued that urged doctors to view resistance to vaccination as a mental problem.  The guidance specifically mentions Covid injections and sending people for therapy or using psychiatric drugs.

“In [the guidance] was built the idea that any resistance, not just the jabs but any resistance, was a mental problem,” said Dr. Breggin.  According to the latest that Dr., Breggin has heard, due to the backlash the guidance has received, it has been withdrawn. “But remember, they’ll just withdraw it temporarily and then they’ll nudge us along, again.”

Dr. Breggin mentioned a school teacher in New York who refused to cooperate with wearing a face mask and didn’t believe in having the “vaccine.”  So, she was sent for psychiatric evaluation. Her diagnosis was that she was psychotic based on her belief that there are evil forces behind the Covid agenda.

But “the big picture that people need to get,” Dr. Breggin said, is “the highest priority of people who run things – the bankers, the big technology companies, all the US large corporations – they all work with the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party.”

“And they’re all using Klaus Schwab’s concepts of equality and justice … and the Great Reset to justify what is, ultimately, for the greatest empire in the world that has ever been created … They all have a vision of a global governance where they don’t have to bother about who runs Canada, or the democracy in Canada, or the freedom loving patriotic Americans.”

Currently in Canada, the sixth cause of death, by numbers, is medically assisted death and there are plans to increase that.  Horrifically, there is a proposal to allow children to choose a medically assisted death and parents would only be notified after the child has been killed.

Further reading:

“Whenever they do these things they include suicide,” Dr, Breggin said.

“It becomes [called] an ‘assisted suicide’ because they go to the young people who are very depressed and suicidal.  So, what do they do?  They give ‘assisted suicide’ to them.  It’s really egregious. It’s the kind of thinking that allowed for, [as described above], the mass murder of mental patients and then for the holocaust.”

They’re creating the ideal breeding ground for “assisted suicide” through food, for example.   Strong, who is a nutritionist, said that Canadian parents give their children food that is highly processed and chemically augmented and that will lead to depression and other mental issues.  Then the children are given anti-depressants and anti-psychotics.

One of the most effective ways of controlling the world is the mass use of medication, including for children.  At first, Dr. Breggin dismissed it as a “conspiracy theory” that there were forces that were using this method.  It was his wife Ginger who first suspected that mass medication of populations was being used in this way.  With some medication, with one shot you can subdue someone to the same extent that would have taken a week in a brainwashing prison camp or the first few days in a Nazi extermination camp, Dr. Breggin said.

“I do believe, now, looking at the sum total of it all, that a lot of the money and a lot of the force and influence behind the widespread medicating, shocking and lobotomising of people has been government money, government influence.  And much deeper, I believe [rather] than anything I know, the Defence Department gets into these types of psychiatric issues a lot.”

“… Anti-psychotic drugs and they’re used widely now, … suppress the frontal lobes and so instantly reduce you into a state of less self-awareness … just like a lobotomy except you start recovering from it – but [after] repetition, repetition, repetition people don’t necessarily recover from it.”

Further resources: Brain Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry: Drugs, Electroshock & the Psychopharmaceutical Complex (Book), Peter R. Breggin

Although it is not mentioned by Dr. Breggin, a recent article in The Epoch Times confirms Dr. Breggin’s assessment.  It describes a study in Alaska which found that patients’ rights and safety were systematically violated by their psychiatrists and the judges who sided with their doctors.

Psychotropic drugs are not necessarily effective, according to psychiatrist Dr. Kelly Brogan, and in many instances, they can do more harm than good.  And the Alaskan study authors, Gail Tasch and Peter Gøtzsche. were categorical in their criticism of these medications. “Antipsychotics,” as these psychosis drugs are usually called, “do not have any specific effects against psychosis,” the authors insisted. It is highly “misleading to call them antipsychotics.” Instead, they wrote, drugs against psychosis work as “major tranquilisers,” which is how they were originally known. This is one important reason why many mentally ill patients resist taking them. As one patient explained in court, the medication “takes my feelings away.”

Dr. Breggin gave a strong warning to people who are on these drugs to not simply stop taking them because there can be withdrawal symptoms with severe consequences. “You can’t just stop them,” he said.

Dr. Breggin also gave some advice for people who are having a natural negative reaction to the current toxic environment but are being gaslighted by mental health professionals (timestamp 29:00).

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