There Is Much to Unlearn

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Source:  James True
August 20, 2019



Under Mind Control…
Circumcision is sanitation.
One white guy discovered America.
Bread is a food group.
Humans are fornicated pond scum.
Giants never roamed the earth.
Nixon called the moon from the White House.
Oil comes from dead dinosaurs.
Bullets commit murder.
Foreign homicide is patriotic.
Vaccines are safe and effective.
Abortion is health care.
A two-party system is representative government.
Dandelions are weeds.
There is no such thing as inflation.
Income tax pays for our roads.
Plant medicine is a felony.
Collecting rainwater is theft.
Everything is racist.
Magic bullets turn in mid-air.
Building 7 was just tired.
Pizza is a vegetable.
Fire melts steel.
$2.3 Trillion is missing.
Iraq had WMDs.
Genitals are a thought experiment.
The USS Liberty was an accident.
There is nothing to see in Antartica.
Geoengineering will save the environment.
The environment needs saving.
5G is harmless.
6G is better.
The cause of the fire was unknown.
Everything in the news is real.


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