They Are Implementing Their Final Plan, Right Now

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They Are Implementing Their Final PlanRight Now!

by SGT Report
May 3, 2020


Justin Trudeau, the hand of the Queen, just banned assault weapons in Canada.

Lockdowns around the world are becoming increasingly more draconian with each passing day.

And they want you to accept all of it while they prepare a vaccine for global distribution.

Crrow777 joins me to break it all down.


Excerpt from transcript:

Crrow777: “…But what people need to keep foremost in their mind is there are many millions of people thinking exactly what you are thinking right now. So don’t be fooled that you’re all alone and that they’ve got you cornered — and to lose your humanity and become one of those people who will rat out a neighbor as if this was 1984 and your name was Winston. Come on. We are grown past that now. There’s a lot of people who are fed up to their eyeballs so don’t don’t be fooled by the controlled information…”



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