Three More Mental Midgets: Fauci, Trump, and Biden

Three More Mental Midgets: Fauci, Trump, and Biden

by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News
February 1, 2022


Yesterday, I disclosed the secret identities of Neil Young and Joni Mitchell: mental midgets.

Today, I continue.

Each of these three new candidates approaches the generalized huge pile of horseshit in the town square from a different angle, and scoops up and flings different segments at the public.

Biden has been wrapped up and sold for some time. He’s captive. He’s a mouthpiece for Build Back Worse, economic destruction, censorship, COVID dictatorship, the dissolution of separate nations, and Cultural “Justice” (which means everybody loses in the end).

The cherry on the cake is, he can’t find his way from the shower to his bedroom in the White House residence. He’s demented. He suffered a very serious brain aneurysm in 1988, and hasn’t been the same since.

Before ’88, he was a snappy fast-talking senator who specialized in foreign policy. He was a guy everybody in government listened to, but studiously ignored. Now he’s in and out of several different worlds, none of them of his own choosing.


Fauci has a trick which appears to make him look smart. He can select (or invent) inaccurate and ambiguous findings from medical studies and issue them as slam-dunk sound bites.

Fauci plays a scientist on television.

This is not hard to do. Any slightly above-average news anchor could fill his shoes. All he’d need is an overriding theme to guide him. “At any given moment, fabricate and announce the worst possible pandemic update.”

Fauci is a useful front man for Pharma, Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum, and the coagulated lung-obstructing mass of Rockefeller Globalists.


Donald Trump, in 2020, turned over the Presidency of the United States to Anthony Fauci. That’s all you really need to know about Trump.

Thereafter, by proxy, he presided over the saturation bombing of the American economy—the economy he’d pledged to rescue and make great again.

He promoted the manifestly insane Warp Speed Plan to develop (the disastrously destructive) COVID vaccines. He knows nothing about vaccines, science, COVID, or any other related subject.

His view is: If a big corporation can make something and sell it in quantity, the product is great, the people who made it are great, and it’s great that they’re great.

He’s still out there on the campaign trail promoting the vaccine. He knows, by the booing from his followers, that many of them hate the vaccine, but this never prompts him to look below the surface and find out why.

He doesn’t look below the surface because he doesn’t want to, and he can’t. He doesn’t have the necessary attention span. He’s unable to coordinate information on his own. He relies on others to talk to him and tell him what’s what. These others tell him the vaccine is effective.

In the late winter of 2020, Fauci and Deborah Birx approached Trump with a computer projection from one of the biggest failures in his field, Neil Ferguson.

Ferguson had his own department at the Imperial College of London. The department was funded by Bill Gates. Ferguson predicted 2 million COVID deaths in the US by the summer of 2020.

Trump never questioned this projection. He never called a serious meeting of economic advisors to flesh out the long-term effects of lockdowns.

He quickly supported a national State of Emergency, signaling that the US was ready to shut down its economic engine and huddle in fear.


Obviously, many others belong on this list. For example, Justin Trudeau, who is presently living in a velvet bunker to avoid the onslaught of the Canadian trucker convoy. If he’d been born into a different family, Justin would be lucky to be pumping gas at a lonely station in the Northern wilderness. His only recognizable talent is as a salesman—but in his case, he sells his country at the drop of a hat.

The basic takeaway here is, we are the Gullivers surrounded by the Lilliputians.

Treat them like the little scuzzballs they are.

And that concludes today’s episode of When Incompetent and/or Hostile Morons Rule Society.

Tune in tomorrow, when I ask the question: Why do “alt. people” reject every piece of the official COVID narrative, except the piece that starts with “the virus exists,” an announcement which emanates from elite labs no truly independent observer is permitted to enter?

Or to put it another way: If you were a moral coward whose professional and personal survival depended on applying your “scientific expertise” to an issue that had only one acceptable response, would you stand up and offer an opposite response, against all odds, or might you become a “trusted expert” who dispenses virological horseshit to “alt. people” who yearn to confirm the existence of the virus?

Guess the correct answer, and your name will be entered in our raffle. The final winner will fly to the North Pole to visit a fascinating cult whose only allowed inter-communication is the chant, VIRU, VIRU, VIRU. Now THESE are some outstanding midgets.

Also, be sure to tune into our other show, modeled after the popular series, Alaskan Bush People. Our offering is The Texas Bush People: War, Baseball, No Discernible Qualifications, George W Tells Everybody to Get Vaccinated. More midget-ness from The Great Family of American Politics.


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