Vaccination Is the Opposite of Sustainability and Care for the Planet’s Limited Resources

Vaccination Is the Opposite of Sustainability and Care for the Planet’s Limited Resources

by Robin Monotti Graziadei, No Place Without Spirit
October 30, 2022


Vaccines are false virtue signalling symbols of mass consumerism. They are the epitomization of fraudulent overconsumption. In order to not reduce  transmission and to fail at reducing minor symptoms of a disease in one person, hundreds of people need to be injected with hundreds of vials and plastic syringes which required thousands of hours of energy production and close to millions of hours of refrigeration. All of that overuse of energy and resources is wasted, as a normally functioning healthy human immune system evolved precisely to overcome disease without any superfluous injection.

Add to that trillions of single use plastic masks which fail at preventing transmission of any disease carried by particles much smaller than the gaps where they meet the face, all along their edges, or the ones in the weave of the plastic fibres themselves.

Then add the amount of resources required to address the inevitable percentage of adverse events to vaccinations, in some cases lifetimes of extra treatment and extra production of again largely superfluous further factory energy consuming industrially produced medications.

Do we want to reduce overconsumption? Reduce the consumption of energy? Let’s start with ending the production of superfluous vaccines, and most of all let’s stop injecting healthy people with any energy consuming factory produced deep refrigerated single plastic syringe using vials of substances which will make a number of them ill some severely ill, even ill for the rest of their life in some cases, requiring further resources where none were necessary.

Vaccination belongs to another era, to an age of ignorance, it is not sustainable and not compatible with environmentalism and care for the planet.

Vaccination is in fact the most blatant symbol of superfluous overconsumption of the modern era.

Let’s “degrow” our economy by starting with ending all mass vaccinations, and heal ourselves and our planet outside of the fraudulent logic of industrial production.


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