Victoria, Australia: It’s Late in the Day as the People Take Their Stand Against the Governing Psychopaths Intoxicated by Their Own Power

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Victoria, Australia: It’s Late in the Day as the People Take Their Stand Against the Governing Psychopaths Intoxicated by Their Own Power

by NelleusContributing Writer at Truth Comes to Light
October 31, 2021


On October 26, 2021, Victorians were appalled to learn about the new legislation being pushed by the maniacal, power-drunk psychopath (Dan Andrews, Premier of Victoria, Australia) in which gives himself and his cronies unlimited, dictatorial power over all Victorians. This has ignited the fire within many Australians who are now strongly speaking out against this horrific medical tyranny.

Images credit: screenshot from Real Rukshan video footage

Near the end of this article you can watch empowered protestors standing strong and speaking from the heart, and hear MP Ryan Smith as he addresses Parliament:

I’ve never seen a worse piece of legislation that gives…
unprecedented and draconian and dictatorial power.” 

Deranged Psychopath, Premier of Victoria

Many of us continue to ask the questions: How does anyone trust this person? How can people believe anything that he says?

Words and paradoxical statements that come out of his mouth seem to be made up at whim. He often smirks, as if holding back a laugh, while announcing dictates that severely harm the lives of all Victorians.

Yes, the duper’s delight, it’s a giveaway smile
When you see it up close, you know something’s not right
~ Van Morrison

Images credit: The BFD

This cruel and perfidious emperor of Victoria has employed the scattergun approach. He is constantly changing the rules and writing new legislation whilst attempting to amend existing laws.

His message is clear, you must obey (be fully vaccinated) to participate in the new society and its vaccinated economy.

Mass Murderers Who Are “Just Following Orders”

In Victoria and throughout Australia, we are dealing with mass murderers who are intoxicated by their own power. They look with glee upon the pain, hopelessness, and uncertainty that they inflict upon the Australian people. The ongoing psychological and physical assaults, which the population has been forced to endure for nearly two years, are relentless, bringing even the most resilient almost to their knees on occasion.

It is becoming more evident, as each day unfolds, that the intent of these barbaric rulers is to isolate and discriminate against all who choose freedom and bodily autonomy. For most, there will be no work if not vaccinated. Unvaccinated will have strict limitations on goods and services. They will also be excluded from many establishments and venues.

We’ve seen blatant murder of the elderly and immunocompromised, and they are now being targeted to be the first recipients of the toxic booster shots. The bureaucrats forced this action, knowing full well this would likely be the demise of people who have unwittingly put their trust in these monsters.

It’s clearly getting “late in the day” here in Australia.

If this new legislation goes through, it will carry catastrophic consequences for us all. If the obedient masses turn a blind eye and allow this law to be passed, they will condemn their own children to a life of servitude and slavery, that is if their children survive.

The New Legislation Explained
Andrews government moves to secure permanent pandemic powers

Those found “intentionally and recklessly” breaching health orders would face two years in jail or a $90,000 fine, while the Premier would get draconian powers to declare pandemics.

Excerpts from article by TOTT News:

In June 2021, TOTT News reported that the Andrews government was in secret negotiations to introduce legislation granting cabinet the sole power to declare pandemic emergencies at any time — effectively leading to a state of permanent virus warfare.

Today, the Andrews government has moved on these plans, introducing a piece of legislation that gives the Premier sweeping powers to declare pandemics.

Images credit: screenshots from 9 News video footage

‘Draconian’: Government introduces new pandemic laws into Parliament

Excerpt from article by Sumeyya Ilanbey, The Age

The legislation gives provision for the government to enforce public health orders to certain types of people, and take into account “their characteristics, attributes or circumstances”. Opposition Leader Matthew Guy argued the legislation would enable the government to discriminate against certain groups of people and shadow attorney-general Tim Smith described it as “terrifying”.

Dan Andrews plan to give himself ‘unlimited power’ to declare pandemics even with zero cases and jail Victorians for two years if they break restrictions is half way to becoming law 

Excerpts from article by Miriah Davis and Charlie Moore, Daily Mail Australia

The Victorian Opposition has described the laws as an ‘attack on democracy’ and vowed to oppose them at every turn.

‘Under these laws Victorians face a $21,909 fine for failing to wear a face mask and business a $109,044 fine if a customer fails to check-in properly,’ Opposition leader Matthew Guy said.

The bill has been drafted after consultation with three crossbench MPs to guarantee it will pass this week or next month despite the opposition from the Liberals and Nationals.

The new laws will replace the state of emergency powers which expire on December 15 when they will have been in place for 21 months.

The Opposition fears they could be used to re-impose lockdowns in the near future.

‘These new laws aren’t about streamlining State of Emergency powers but about making it easier for the State Government to control people’s lives,’ Mr Guy said.

‘Daniel Andrews wouldn’t be passing these laws unless he planned on using them.

‘The thought of handing even more power to the person who got us into this mess is simply unacceptable.

‘This extreme legislation is a threat to every Victorian family, small business and local community. It must be stopped.’

Victorian premier given power to declare pandemics under proposed pandemic laws

Excerpts from article by Bridget Rollason, the ABC News

The opposition has repeatedly refused to support the government’s extension of the state of emergency, calling it a “power grab”.

Victorian opposition leader Matthew Guy accused the Andrews government of drafting “the most extreme” pandemic legislation of any state or territory in Australia.

“Placing so much power in the hands of one person … would be unprecedented,” he said.

“We see these laws as an incredible attack on democracy, usurping the parliament, usurping the cabinet process, which is what exists in New South Wales, and then allowing the Premier to effectively rule by decree, for months on end.

“In short, this bill is the most extreme of its kind[s] that we’ve seen in Australia. While a pandemic requires different approaches, it doesn’t require a law as extreme as this.”

Premier Daniel Andrews could be given extra powers to declare pandemics and enforce emergency laws 

Excerpts from article by David Wu, Sky News

The government will be able to limit movement of the population, ban gatherings, shut down businesses and enforce quarantine if needed…

It also outlines the ability to apply pandemic orders to “classes of person” who can be identified by “their characteristics, attributes or circumstances”.

Victorians Rise Up

Although some have wondered if enough Australian people would ever wake up and stand up, the uprising is now clearly seen and it is growing every day.

Protest Against The Permanent Pandemic Legislation – Melbourne – 30.10.21

Melbourne demonstrators gather to oppose new pandemic powers bill 

True courage – Ex-Police Officer Speaks Out
by Melbourne Ground

Ryan J. Smith, a Liberal Party member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly, offers powerful words in opposition to this legislation.

Partial transcript prepared by Truth Comes to Light:

Acting speaker, I have been in this place for 15 years and, without fear of exaggeration, I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a worse piece of legislation that gives — not the government of the day, but the premier of the day –unprecedented and draconian and dictatorial power.

Now putting aside for the moment, that when an ordinary, pedestrian, run-of-the-mill bill comes in this place, the minimum that the opposition, and indeed, the people of Victoria have — the minimum time that they have to review the legislation is two weeks. That’s the standard in this place. Two weeks.

This legislation came to us this morning — a scant seven or eight hours ago — 120 pages of legislation that will have the most far-reaching impacts on every one of the six and a half million people that live in the state. [It] will have huge impacts on all those people in a way — in a greater way — then the government has had impact on them in the past two years.

Now I shouldn’t have to stand up in this place, I think, Speaker, and explain to those opposite the difference between intent and what is actually in a bill. I shouldn’t have to explain that.

Because this bill allows the government to do an extraordinary number of things that ordinary Victorians would be horrified with.

And to hear the government in their press conferences get up and say ‘Ah yeah, but we wouldn’t use it that way’ is just a ridiculous comment from a government that just is trying to pull the wool over ordinary Victorian’s lives.

This bill will allow detention without cause.

This bill will allow arbitrary arrest.

This bill will allow discrimination of people based on race, sexuality, sex, gender, disability, religion, political beliefs.

That’s what this bill allows.

And if the health minister and the premier don’t want to use the bill for those things, then put clauses in that narrow it. Because, at the moment, that’s what the bill allows.

And it is just an unbelievable situation that the government, the Labor Party — you come in day after day and talk about the commitment to getting rid of discrimination, insuring that we don’t discriminate against any class of person ever — come in with a bill that actively allows one man, the premier of the state, to discriminate against all sorts of classes.

And if we think for a moment, if Victorians actually think for a moment, that this premiere, who has let them down so badly in the last 18 months, who has stripped two years out of our children’s lives, who damaged their education. their well-being , their mental health — has been the cause of thousands of businesses to go bankrupt and closed the doors. You only have to walk down the street, out the front doors of this parliament, to see For Lease signs on empty shops — over and over and over again.

Do you think people who were trapped on the other side of the New South Wales border — for weeks and weeks and weeks — believe that this premiere will not use these draconian powers to continue to hurt them?

Do you think that Victorians who were sent scrambling for the border at New Year’s Eve last year, sitting in a queue until three or four in the morning with babies and children — do you think they believe this premiere won’t use these dictatorial powers?

Do those parents who have home-schooled their kids, week after week after week — do you think they believe this premiere when he says he won’t use these dictatorial powers?

Do you think they believe a premier who says ‘Hey Victorians, we don’t want to be like New South Wales. We’re just going to have a short, short lockdown. Seven days…

It is a joke but I have to say it anyway. You know, it’s too serious to joke but, you know, they say the worst part of a seven-day lockdown is the first three weeks.

It is ridiculous that this government expects that people will believe that they won’t use the powers that are in this legislation.

If you’re not going to arbitrarily arrest people, then take it out of the bills.

If you’re not going to discriminate based on religion or political persuasion they take it out of the bill.

If you’re not going to arbitrarily detain people — Premier, take it out of the bill.

If you’re not going to declare a pandemic and give yourselves the opportunity to impose these orders and directions on Victorians when there isn’t a pandemic in the state, let alone the country, then take it out of the bill.

It’s in the bill because you’re going to use it.

No Victorian believes you are not going to use the powers because they have heard, day after day, the premier get up in front of a press conference… lecture them, tell them off, never take any blame…

We’ll oppose this every step of the way — in this place, in the upper house, and out on the streets.

I oppose this bill with every core of my being.


In closing, watch how a violinist, in solidarity with protestors against medical tyranny, moved the hearts of thousands with his rendition of the Australian national anthem.
There was a sense that this was a moment that will go down in Australian history.



Nelleus is an independent reporter, dedicated to freedom, and committed to revealing the truth about unfolding events in Australia, .

“There is no compromise, we will always stand with you for the truth.”

Nelleus is a contributing writer at Truth Comes to Light.


cover image credit:  THS via TOTT News

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