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Source:  Giza Death Star

by Joseph P. Farrell
September 20. 2018


Hold on to your hats, sit down, pour yourself two or three fingers of your favorite “adult beverage”, and brace yourself, because this may be one for the record books. Ms. K. found this one, and it went right to the top of my list for this week’s offering of high octane speculation:

Sixth generation warfare: manipulating space and time

The article begins by providing an unusual perspective on the manipulation of electromagnetic systems, specifically, the Iraqi radars when Israel struck Iraq’s nuclear plant in the 1980s, and struck the Syrian reactor in 2007. This, the author notes, was as much about the manipulation of reaction times of the Syrians and Iraqis by compressing it, and expanding the “mission time” of Israeli striking forces. There was no actual manipulation of time, but the effect of the electronic interference the Israelis utilized amounted to time manipulation:

Operation Opera used a flaw in the Iraqi radar coverage to manipulate space and time (as seen by the Iraqi air defenses). In Operation Orchard, Israeli ELINT systems took control of Syrian air defense radar systems and manipulated space and time (as seen by the Syrian air defenses). Additionally, both missions  time for the Iraqis and the Syrians (they had no time to react), and expanded time for the Israelis (allowing them time to complete their mission unmolested). These examples show the future of 6GW. Maybe the definition of space-time manipulation will help you understand the principles better.

This brings the author of the article, Ray Alderman, to the subject of 6GW, or Sixth Generation Warfare, and the actual manipulation of space-time as a weapon of war. Yes, you read that correctly: the proverbial “they” want to weaponize space time.

Go refill your “adult beverage,” we have time (at least, for the moment)…

This admission is followed by a stunning paragraph, which, again, shows that the current capabilities of electronic counter-measure systems amount to the manipulation of space-time for an “enemy”:

The Suter ELINT systems we have today, created by the Air Force’s “Big Safari” program, have advanced much further since 2007. They can secretly invade and control an enemy’s air defense radar systems, move their sensors and create a blind spot, and show normal air traffic screens while our fighters, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or bombers are approaching their targets undetected. We can show them recordings of normal air traffic patterns from last week. We can also show them screens with unidentified aircraft coming at them when none exist in their airspace. That gives our intelligence people the opportunity to track and record their response to a perceived (but false) attack, discover their command and control structure, DF (direction find) their SAM (surface-to-air missile) locations when they come up, intercept their communications traffic, and RFP (radio fingerprint) their transmitters (each one identified with a specific military unit). Once we have that information, we can further manipulate space and time, from our enemy’s perspective, and shroud them in a debilitating “fog of war.” (Emphasis added)

In other words, what is being weaponized is really the observer effect. And for those paying attention to the 9/11 truth community, where have we heard all this before?

And lest we think that this is merely manipulation of perception, there’s this tantalizing reminder of an experiment that I’ve blogged about before:

Still skeptical? Look at what the scientists at Purdue University did in 2011. They modulated two light beams out of phase, in an optical fiber, creating a “hole in time.” In that hole, they placed data. Anyone intercepting that signal would only see a flat-line frequency of light, unless they know how to demodulate the out-of-phase light frequencies and retrieve the data (http://www.forbes.com/sites/alexknapp/2013/06/06/take-that-nsa-scientists-hide-communications-using-a-hole-in-time). You can bet that the National Security Agency (NSA) and the crypto guys are interested in this technique of time manipulation.

There are many more examples of how we can manipulate space and time in 6GW warfare, but my evil masters will not give me the space to explain them here. Just understand that in 6GW, we are getting inside our enemy’s OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act). Once inside, we can control what they see and hear, what they think, what they decide, and what they do, all to our advantage.

In my next installment, we must recap what we have learned in this next generation warfare series, and speculate on what 7GW would look like (holographic warfare?).(Emphasis added)

All of which brings me to my high octane speculation: suppose, for a moment, that the Purdue experiment could be expanded to the “macro-world”, where an entire region could be placed into a “hole in time” into which different “data” was placed. In effect, this would create an entirely different region with its own timeline, and no one would be the wiser unless a means were found to “demodulate the out of phase light frequencies and retrieve the data.” In other words, the technique would not be limited to its potential uses in cryptography, but in actual manipulation of the real world itself.

And, leaving the Purdue experiments altogether out of view, if mere manipulation of perception is a manipulation of the time of an observer (who is being manipulated), then the implications here are profound: Mandela Effect anyone? Now add to this the “macro-world” version of the Purdue experiments, and you get the idea…

See you on the flip side…