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Source:  The Corbett Report


James Corbett joins Alfred Adask for his bi-monthly appearance on Financial Survival. This time they discuss the #Vault7 documents, the surveillance state and the deep state. What is the deep state? Who are its members? How does it operate? Find out in this in-depth conversation.



Financial Survival

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About this Researcher:

James Corbett presents at TEDxGroningenJames Corbett has been living and working in Japan since 2004. He started The Corbett Report website in 2007 as an outlet for independent critical analysis of politics, society, history, and economics. Since then he has written, recorded and edited thousands of hours of audio and video media for the website, including a podcast and several regular online video series. He produces video reports for GRTV, and is the lead editorial writer for The International Forecaster, the weekly e-newsletter created by the late Bob Chapman.

His work has been carried online by a wide variety of websites and his videos have garnered over 40,000,000 views on YouTube alone. His satirical piece on the discrepancies in the official account of September 11th, “9/11: A Conspiracy Theory” was posted to the web on September 11, 2011 and has so far been viewed nearly 3 million times.

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