What Really Happened in the 60’s?

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by Zen Gardner


There’s a lot written on this but I’d like like to share my surmised impressions from all I’ve experienced then and since and researched for many years. Being a child of the time and actual Woodstock attendee I have a bit of credibility as to my experiences then, but you can decide for yourself as to my interpretation of what went on at the time.

Whatever it was, it was profound.

A commenter on my website wrote, “Have you read Tom McGowan’s Center for an Informed America? He has a very good series on the Laurel Canyon musicians military intelligence connections, including Steven Stills in that period.” – in response to something I’d posted.

That whole era is rife with infiltration, I’m not naive to that and I like Tom’s work a lot. Some musicians have simply faded into complacency and for that I have no patience in this dire point in history as I’ve said before. If more recognized voices had the balls to speak up loud and clear from their fabulous  mansions about extremely serious issues such as chemtrails, GMOs, the media stranglehold, phony O-baloney good time Johnny Presi-fraud and all the rest, we’d get a kick start and some aerial support for once.

Seen any? Few and far between. Too fabulous  a life to risk, apparently.

And too busy getting knighted and doing the praise-me tours from my vantage point. Riches and fame corrupt more than these good ol’ rockers can drunkenly remember. I have no respect whatsoever for these high heeled, moneyed, self serving compromised creeps. Bullshit is the operative word in my book.

Scream all  you want, it’s hooey, boys.


The Cowed Crowd Can’t Talk Aloud

From what I understand much of the silence of those “rock stars” is either embedded intimidation by those who made them rich and famous, outright satanic complicity, and/or they are mind control subjects. Charles Manson was a kind of outcropping of these experiments on our generation, as was much of the cult phenomenon. The free proliferation of acid and other psychedelics were a CIA experiment gone awry. As Universe would have it, much of it backfired and many of us woke up.

That was cool.

During that early period a lot of weird stuff got embedded into the alternative culture that has been an ongoing virus that keeps on morphing, like much of the new age movement and its false Avatars and impotent, distracting message. The world today is testament to how well they’ve co-opted everything into a mishmash of convictionless non-directional confusion. There’s hardly a distinction between anything of esoteric importance that entices your mental stimulation or curiosity like it used to.



Believe me, these bastards are not operating in a vacuum, but in well informed, cold, scientific board rooms, studying and following causes and effects with massive computer simulation systems now. The matrix idea is no joke, we’re in deep shit in this electro/psycho maze they’ve erected that not just tracts but predicts our every move.

Fucked up, I know. But don’t be ignorant.

If you really want to know more details about where the so-called hip generation had its roots, as disappointing as this will be, you need to hear it. Don’t worry, “only good came of it” like anything, but we better identify the trail of lies trying to lead us down a path to insured perdition and deluded destruction. Here’s a great interview with Tom McGowan on this subject that walks you through it quite nicely, as lurid as the tale may be…

Intro by Zeph the interviewer:

“The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation ~ Center For An Informed America:

Just the tip of the iceberg, but a good hour with David McGowan, who has in my view totally confirmed the darkest and biggest story–an inroad that basically indicts [this] entire world…a lurid tale of murder, satanism, pedophilia, ritual abuse and mind control of the top entertainers, the music that shaped decades if not the rest of our lives–all false… Alice in Wonderland, an ILLUSION, and nothing more.”


Know Your Enemy – It’s Deadness

That the sophistication of our oppressor is so advanced should not be news to the true researcher. We’re under more surveillance and potential control mechanisms than we could imagine.

However, for true consciousness that’s no problem.

Their vibrational and what-all techniques are for the blind and unawakened, and I have to admit pretty damn effective on their shallow level. However, essentially and consciously once we wake up, they are completely ineffective. Our vibe trumps their dead vibe any time of day, the dirty scavengers.

The point is waking up. The various schemes foisted on humanity are all exactly that – schemes. Attempts to corral life, to them an unpredictable force of nature they are trying to dissect and crystallize into manipulable factions.

Good luck. They’re so off course it’s a joke. How can the dead understand the living? How can the selfish understand or combat the loving?

You lose. We win.

Done deal. Over and out.

Love, Zen