What Would Be Your Best Invention?

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by Jon Rappoport
March 18, 2017


It’s an intriguing question: what would be your best invention?

I’m not specifically referring to a machine or a device—anything goes. For instance, the invention of your future.

What would be your best invention?

People often sidetrack answering the question by citing all the reasons that explain why they can’t invent it, whatever “it” is.

So the investigation goes nowhere.

The question, however, could be phrased this way: if there were no roadblocks or obstacles, what would be your best invention?

Sinking your teeth into the answer could vault you over the obstacles long enough, so that you could generate some real energy—and feeling that jolt of energy, you might see the far horizon has more appeal than the obstacles.

A long time ago, I wrestled with questions about my writing, when I still considered that other people would have to publish it. If I wrote exactly what I wanted to, the chances of getting it published were close to zero. If I wrote “commercial material,” who knows what would happen? I could still fail to get published—and that would be a double negative: I’m not writing what I want to AND I’m not getting it published.

I decided to write what I wanted to, come hell or high water. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

I still occasionally have to blink and realize: I’m writing what I want to at the highest level I can—the future dream is now. Of course, I’m always trying to reach higher.


It’s a question for the ages. It sends ripples out across your mind and imagination.

It’s a question that has both a “should” and a “want to” in it. They overlap. WHAT DO I WANT TO INVENT and WHAT SHOULD I INVENT both enter into the equation. Loosely speaking, the SHOULD refers to your highest ideals, and the WANT TO refers to your deep desires.

Those desires and ideals meet. They feed into each other. Each makes the other more powerful.

Eventually, they can merge and become One.

A life is thus transformed.

The journey and voyage are transformed.

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