When “Fully Informed” Consent Is Always a Lie

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When “Fully Informed” Consent Is Always a Lie

by Watchdog, UK Reloaded
October 22, 2021


Fully informed consent in the matter of Covid vaxes is IMPOSSIBLE.

ANY assertion that fully informed consent was given is FALSE


Because being FULLY INFORMED is impossible. Factual and fully verified information (as opposed to opinion, assertion, conjecture or alleged statistical projections) as to the short, medium and long term effects, adverse reactions, efficacy and so forth of the so-called vaccines is NOT KNOWN.

The vaccines were introduced as an “emergency” measure whilst still experimental.

Leaving aside the fact that the “emergency” that supposedly justified the use of experimental injections has since been clearly shown to have been FALSE (a crime in its own right that will be discussed elsewhere), by definition when something is experimental, it means that the experiments that would enable us to predict, among other things, any long term harm have not been started or are still ongoing and have not been completed.

This means that we DO NOT YET KNOW what these vaccines will do.

Therefore it is impossible to FULLY INFORM anyone because the full information is not yet there.

Therefore it is impossible for anyone to give their fully informed consent.

At best only partially informed consent can be given.

Therefore, for example, ANY CHILD VACCINATED has NOT given their fully informed consent and to assert or contend otherwise is a LIE.

Therefore those who injected any child did so without the child’s full informed consent.

Therefore they or any person who aided and abetted the injection is in breach of the law. Indeed ANY INJECTION WITH THE COVID “VACCINES”TO DATE HAS BEEN ADMINISTERED WITHOT FULLY INFORMED CONSENT.

Where a child is injured or killed as a consequence of injection, the person administering or assisting the administration of the injection must be prosecuted on charges of assault or manslaughter, malfeasance and so forth.

Accessories to these crimes include school boards, head teachers, education officials and ministers.


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cover image credit: BlueHawk99 / pixabay