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Informed Consent: You’re a Lab Rat

by Dr. David Martin, David Martin World
May 26, 2020


[TCTL Editor’s Note: Several US readers shared links to information, from a number of sources, regarding the use of Standard Form 95 to legally challenge the unfolding medical tyranny.  Based on clarity, prepared documents, and strength of understanding, I selected the work of Dr. David Martin to share here.

TCTL provides a partial transcript to use as reference after viewing Dr. David Martin’s video. The original video has been mirrored to TCTL Bitchute channel in the event that it is removed from YouTube.

Please note that this posting is not legal advice. Nothing found on this website will ever be offered as legal advice. This is shared as reference and potential tool for your use. Do your own research and take responsibility for your own actions.

From The United States Department of Justice on the use of SF 95:

Standard Form 95 is used to present claims against the United States under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) for property damage, personal injury, or death allegedly caused by a federal employee’s negligence or wrongful act or omission occurring within the scope of the employee’s federal employment. These claims must be presented to the Federal agency whose employee conduct gave rise to the injury.

Standard Form 95 is not required to present a claim under the FTCA, but it is a convenient format for supplying the information necessary to bring an FTCA claim. Please note that a completed form must state a claim for money damages in a “sum certain” amount (that is, a specific amount) claimed for personal injury, death, or injury to or loss of property. In addition, if a sum certain is not specified in Standard Form 95 block 12d, or in accompanying information, a submission cannot be considered a valid presentation of a claim. The completed Standard Form 95 must be presented to the appropriate federal agency within two years after the claim accrues.

See Dr. David Martin’s CLAIM FOR DAMAGES ARISING FROM NEGLIGENCE AND POSSIBLE CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY for complete understanding of the experimentation you have been subject to without your consent, and the criminal elements involved.

You might have questions about how to determine a dollar value as compensation for emotional distress or mental anguish, for possible future health issues due to forced mask wearing, etc.  These and other questions, such as how to fill out forms, etc. will require your own research.  Contact information for Dr. David Martin is included below. I would suggest following his work for updates.

Feel free to share your research and experiences in the comment section below and/or send a note to the email address found on the TCTL contact page. — Kathleen]


Form & Addendum:

Example Form 95 claim:

Form 95 addendum (include this with your form, it outlines the basis for the claim):

Form 95 download:


Mentioned at 8:13 — Declaration under the public readiness and emergency preparedness act for medical countermeasures: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2020/03/17/2020-05484/declaration-under-the-public-readiness-and-emergency-preparedness-act-for-medical-countermeasures

Mentioned at 10:00 — L Song Richardson’s article “When Human Experimentation is Criminal: https://scholarlycommons.law.northwestern.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=7314&context=jclc

Mentioned at 12:45 — U.S vs. Stanley case: https://biotech.law.lsu.edu/cases/research/stanley.htm

Link to the slides used in the video:



Partial Transcript of Informed Consent: You’re a Lab Rat by Dr. David Martin


[TCTL Editor’s Note: the following transcript was sourced using YouTube’s transcript function, with some additional editing by us along with the addition of hyperlinks for your convenience.]

“At the end of this video I am going to be giving you an opportunity to actually do something, which you can do: 1) for free and 2) to start taking action to stand up against all of the tyranny that’s happening.

…For those of you who don’t know, the 21 Code of Federal Regulations is the rules that govern the Food and Drug Administration. And those rules are set out for the guidelines of how we constitute what is safe and what is effective in medicine in the United States.

Rules on Informed Consent, which is actually one of the early sections of the the provisions of the code of federal regulations that govern the FDA, say in Section 50.20 that, except as provided in 50.23 and 50.24, no investigator may involve a human being as a subject in research covered by these regulations unless the investigator has obtained the legally effective consent of the subject or the subjects legally authorized representative.

…But the problem with the Declaration of Helsinki and the problem with the trials in Nuremberg was that the United States and other countries specifically decided that, while they wanted to punish the Germans for what they did during the Second World War, they wanted to keep a wiggle-room-out clause that allowed them to continue to do human experimentation on people without their consent.

That sounds like the pot calling the kettle black and that’s the reason why it sounds like it is because it’s illegal, immoral and unethical. But Section 50.23 and section 50 24 gives, in 50.23, the Department of Defense an opportunity to waive all requirements of informed consent for anybody serving in the military. Which means that if you are serving in the military, or you’re part of any of the branches of the armed services, you actually not only have no rights to inform consent.

But it’s worse than that… What’s worse than that is the  Supreme Court, in a very famous case of the United States v Stanley, decided that not only do you have no rights but you have no redress either. Congress thankfully passed a law later… that actually gave a tiny bit of room for people who have been severely harmed by federal government research, without their consent, a way to get redress.

But the law and the Supreme Court actually ruled that basically the Department of Defense can waive informed consent and can do basically anything they want to anybody in the military.

50.24 is more problematic.

…I found something really problematic when I found was a thing called … MCMs — Medical Counter Measures.

And I want to read what the Federal Register has — and this is the law in the United States — that during declared emergencies medical industry is exempted from liability.

And you heard what I just said. If you declare an emergency, the current 1379 trials on medical devices for diagnostics and therapeutics around coronavirus — every single one of those manufacturers, every single one of those individuals — from the date of the declared emergency, has immunity from any liability.

They can literally poison you. They can literally kill you with their therapy and there is no recourse in law, courtesy of the exemption that’s in 21 CFR.

…In other words, the reason why governors are so dedicated to keeping up the illusion of a pandemic and the illusion of the state of emergency is because, it turns out, that any action taken under an emergency use authorization by the FDA — any action taken by any manufacturer for any research that they’re doing they get a get-out-of-jail-free card and they can do anything that they want and they have… no liability.

They have absolute immunity.

For those of you who have the time to do it, I highly recommend L. Song Richardson’s article When Human Experimentation is Criminal.

…But there’s a little tiny problem and I told you there’s going to be hope at the end of this very disappointing, very abysmal, very unfortunate set of facts. The hope is that, under Section 50.24,  Anthony Fauci, and the CDC, and all the criminal co-conspirators I’ve talked about before at the Department of Health and Human Services, forgot to read a little tiny clause…

And the one thing they got wrong was for 50.24 to work there has to be, and I quote, “concurrence of a licensed physician who is a member of or consultant to the Institutional Review Board and who is not otherwise participating in the investigation“.

In other words — if there was going to be a clinical trial on any intervention for coronavirus, there had to be somebody not associated with any of the therapies.

Ha. Ha! This, my friends, is where we enter into the rabbit hole of the fun.

Because, you’ll notice that every individual that is in the Advisory Program, and every individual that has been active in stipulating the biggest of the clinical trials, which is called social distancing and face mask wearing, which is clinical research as a defined term under the FDA standard of clinical research, they screwed up by not having an independent and institutional review board which is required under the 50.24 waiver.

In other words, they thought they were getting away with absolute immunity, but they screwed up. Because they kept the conspirators all in the room and forgot that they have to have somebody who is independent.

…I read the entirety of the case United States versus Stanley, a case that was argued in 1986. and while Justice Antonin Scalia gets my absolute loser of the week, right, because he’s the guy who decided for the majority — and basically came up with this doctrine that says that the US can get away with anything and is absolutely incapable of having their immunity pierced.

Justice Brennan and Justice O’Connor dissented with the majority in that Supreme Court case.

Now I want to read you what Justice Brennan wrote: “The court confers absolute immunity from money damages on federal officials, military and civilian alike, without consideration of long-standing case law establishing the general rule that such officials are liable for damages caused by their intentional violation of well-established constitutional rights.” That is the absolute statement by Justice Brennan.

And Justice O’Connor says “No judicially crafted rule should insulate from liability the involuntary and unknowing human experimentation alleged to have occurred in the case.

And the case, remember, was actually an outgrowth of the MKULTRA case. This was when the CIA and DOD were injecting people with LSD and then trying to figure out what the side effects were.

Indeed, as Justice Brennan observes, the United States military played an instrumental role in the criminal prosecution of Nazi officials who experimented with human subjects during the Second World War. And the standards that were the Nuremberg military tribunals developed to judge the behavior of defendants, stated that, quote, “voluntary consent of human subject is absolutely essential“.

Did you hear what she said?  “is absolutely essential to satisfy moral, ethical and legal concepts.

…”If this principle is violated, the very least that society can do is see that victims are compensated as best they can be by the perpetrators. I am prepared to say that our Constitution’s promise of due process of law guarantees this much.” That is a quote from Sandra Day O’Connor.

…if two well-respected Supreme Court jurists actually come to the same conclusion that any normal human being would come to, which is that no constitutional rights can be abridged because somebody decides to act in an arbitrary and capricious manner, and put against their will a human subject in an experiment, then what’s going on right now?

Now let’s break this down really simply.

You are part of an experiment.

There is no medical or scientific evidence at all that the 6-foot distance has anything to do with the way a healthy population stays healthy in our society.

Social distancing is based on droplet studies which have never been associated with actual epidemiologic data.

So when Dr. Birx gets up and says we now think that there’s science to justify social distancing, Dr. Birx is lying to you.

There is no science justifying it.

It’s a belief system.

And the Supreme Court has been very clear on the difference between science and belief. Which means if you are currently living in under an order to social distance, you are part of a large epidemiologic experiment.

There is no science for this. You are a lab rat.

…The tyrant that is Governor Northam seeks to impose upon the population of Virginia, a face mask ordinance.

But here’s the problem: There is no scientific evidence that those work, and more importantly, there is very specific evidence that they actually impair the healthy functioning of society.

You, if you are asked to wear a face mask, are a lab rat.

You are subject to an investigation.

Social distancing, face mask wearing, both are experiments. They are experiments promulgated by the Department of Health and Human Services, supported by the Center for Disease Control.

And they have no Institutional Review Board authorization — which means they are in violation of the law.

And that, my friends, is the reason why I hope millions of people hear what I’m about to say.

After the injustice that was given to the Stanley case. And, just for your reference, the Stanley in the Stanley case was a veteran of the Korean War and I believe also the Vietnam War. He was subject to all kinds of clinical experimentation and his life was actually severely damaged. He went on to be a Florida police officer and continued to serve his country. But his country didn’t serve him back. And after reading the dissent to the Supreme Court’s decision in 1986, Congress passed an interesting law that created a very interesting action you can take.

…You go to the US Department of Justice website and you download Standard Form 95.

…It is your pathway to actually find a criminal or a civil liability, define it, and seek redress from the agency of the federal government that harmed you.

What’s harm? Well if you lost your job, if you lost customers, if you were physically harmed because you couldn’t go to doctors appointments, you couldn’t do the things that you needed to do to maintain your health, the Department of Human Services is actually supposed to get their liability notice from you.

…You need to send it to the US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the General Counsel, 200 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington DC 20201.

And in that form you need to say that:

  • The Department of Health and Human Service, through the Center for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease, sought and filed and received a patent starting in 2003 which made the identification, the detection and detection kits for coronavirus not available to the general population. They, by virtue of that act, by filing that patent, they made it impossible for the public health interest to be served.  And that’s the beginning of the damage.
  • In 2007 they extended their patent filing and in that patent filing sought to actually patent the virus, which is against 35 US Code Section 101.
  • In 2013 and 2018 they worked to use international sources and take the research on gain-of-function, which was determined by the National Institutes of Health in 2013 to be unethical.
  • They decided to take it offshore and work with the Wuhan Institute of Virology so that they could get around the ethical and legal implications of the work being done here in the United States. And they did that willfully.
  • So that at September 2019, in the publication World at Risk from the World Health Organization, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the members of the committee, that actually are affiliated with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, could make a recommendation that a respiratory-based pathogen simulation must be run with no Institutional Review Board review, with no independent physician certifying that their actions were legal — therefore, getting them out from the exclusions of Section 50.242 of the 21 Code of Federal Regulation.

They decided to start a clinical trial that you have become an unwilling participant in.

And the damages that you have, the damages that are your loss of livelihood, your loss of access to health, your loss of access to Liberty, the costs associated with your shutdown, the fact that you have not been able to work, the fact that you have not been able to deal with child care — every one of those facts is now a financial liability under the Standard Form 95 submission to the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Now here’s what it’s going to get fun.

They are required by law to respond to you. And the best thing about it is there’s a time limit on it. They have to respond within 90 to 180 days depending, on whether they get some wiggle room. But here’s the other part of that.

You have two years from the date of the injury or from the date of the civil claim or from the date of the crime — you have two years to do this filing.

…I want the office of the general counsel of the Department of Health and Human Services to be overwhelmed with millions of claims.

I want every person who has filed an unemployment claim, I want every one of those people to fill out a form 95 and send it to the office of the General Counsel. I want the Department of Health and Human Services to know that their violation of their own rules, which led to the destruction of your life and your livelihood, I want them to know that it comes at a cost.

… my goal, thirty million individual forms of claims for benefits for an illegal clinical trial.

And the specifics on the clinical trial, just so you get it right, are you have been forced to an experiment in which you did not give consent. And the experiment was called social distancing and face mask wearing. That’s the experiment. There is no institutional review board, there is no independent doctor, and it is up to you now to take a stand.

…Remember in the Stanley case, one courageous veteran — one courageous veteran — stood against the tyranny of the Department of Defense’s experimentation with LSD and stood against the tyranny of the CIA’s investigations with LSD. One veteran stood alone and that got Congress to act in 1986 and 1987.

Please understand, ladies and gentlemen, if a million of us act, if 30 million of us act, if a hundred million of us act, we will be heard.  Because they have no recourse. Because they wrote the rules and they didn’t follow them.

…I want to see 35 million of us standing together and actually sending the bill for this crime to the place that it started–  the United States Department of Health and Human Services.”

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