Where Will You Be When The Music Stops?

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by Zen Gardner


Where will you be? Where will I be? We all know it’s coming. To ignore it is tantamount to insanity. At this point we’re playing musical chairs and everyone knows that clear underlying truth somewhere in their being.

When the music stops is where you will be. Period.

Anyone the least bit aware knows the seriousness of  our pending manipulated world situation and has food, water and other supplies and contingency plans. If they don’t they’re asleep and dangerous. The decidedly unprepared are the ones who will freak out and mooch off the first succulent neighbor they can find.  Just another symptom of the selfish, parasitic driven reality we live in.

Me first, and what’s yours is mine in a pinch. But there’s a way to avoid that scenario.

Being Ready – Are You Asleep or Awake?

Good question. I think location, where Universe wants you and has been steering you is the key.  Naturally, Universe is wherever we are.  But there are always decisions to be made. And thankfully wherever we are is where we are.

If you can fully grok that.

Except perhaps, if we’re too dumb or insensitive to get to this better place we’ve been shown, at least any thinking person should at least prepare for where they are.  What is the excuse for humanity to be hiding its head in the sand in the light of such globalist attacks as we’re sustaining and know they’re planning?

Is intentional government induced dependency the solution? No wonder they’ve created that paradigm. So FEMA the reamer will save you? Doctor Doolittle and his doodlers? C’mon folks! Will the “authorities” who’ve taken away all of your civil and personal rights as they militarize your streets help you?

Think about this.

And this is just the culmination of an increasingly fascistic society. It’s been going on for years and has now metastasized to a monster control system. And one of their central signals is to tell you “all is well”. Sorry, it’s far from well, and is about to shut down any minute.

Musical Chairs

I’ve lived in countries experiencing revolutions, martial law and uprisings. It’s no joke. Americans are about to be woken up so horrifically I personally do not want to be here to witness it first hand. Americans are so sheltered and spoiled they will freak out to such a degree that the rest of the world is going to stand back in absolute shock and awe.

The “great whore is fallen”…and she will fall hard.

It’s estimated there are between 3 and 5 days of food on the currently available supply circuit in the US at any given time. That’s down from 6 months of food from only a few decades ago. Mega cities where the sheep have been deliberately corralled will be decimated if the system shuts down. If that isn’t Orwellian enough, those who “hoard” more than 6 days of food are now suspected terrorists.

Anyone seeing a pattern here?

Where Will You Be?

Getting the picture? Where will you be? Is  your current situation endurable for you and your family and loved ones? Do you have community to help pull together during such a shut down for whatever reason?

That’s the key.

Conscious community. Loving empathetic cooperation in times of stress. But without grasping the drastic nature of what is about to befall us is foolishness, denial, the worst form of sticking our heads in the sand while the whirlwind blows our butts to high heaven.

Real Survival

It’s consciousness; conscious awakened awareness. All else follows. We’re in a spiritual warfare first and foremost. When that’s won, everything else follows….and happily.

If that isn’t clear then keep pursuing and figure it out. But prepare. The shitstorm is coming….very soon.

The loving, conscious  thing is to be ready.

Much love, Zen