Who Controls the Global Elite (the Visible “Reality” Manipulators), Hidden Technologies, UFO/Alien Narratives?

Who Controls the Global Elite (the Visible “Reality” Manipulators), Hidden Technologies, UFO/Alien Narratives?


“I want to talk about things people deny. That’s where the money is. Like Bilderberg, like — I call it the shadow government. The cryptocracy. The hidden shadow police state, intel state, shadow government, ruling class, the people who pull the levers, the people who control things. And not anybody you see… Do you think Klaus Schwab controls anything? No. Who controls Klaus Schwab? They come and they go. George Soros… Who controls George Soros? It’s nobody that you see.”

~ Michael Lebron (Lionel Nation)


Who Is Behind the Global Elite?
More Specifically, Who Is Behind the World’s Elite?

by Jeremy Nell, Jerm Warfare
July 26, 2022


Michael Lebron, better known as Lionel Nation, is an American syndicated broadcaster and media analyst.

He joined me for a conversation about the global elites who influence geopolitics, such as those who meet at the Bilderberg meetings, but we quickly found ourselves going down a rabbit hole involving aliens and UFOs.

I recently watched a fascinating documentary about a gentleman by the name of Bob Lazar, in which he claims to have worked on extraterrestrial aircraft at a secret facility alongside Area 51.

The film centers on Bob Lazar, a physicist who claimed in an explosive 1989 interview that the U.S. government was working on alien aircrafts at a site near Area 51, a highly classified operating location in Nevada whose primary purpose is still unknown to this day.

Bob, who’s now 60 years old, is still alive and continuing to share stories from his alleged dealings with alien aircrafts. He claims to have read government briefing documents that depict instances of extraterrestrial involvement in human affairs dating back 10,000 years.

Joe Rogan interviewed him not too long ago, and it’s equally mind-bending. I would recommend watching the documentary before watching Joe’s podcast, because Jeremy Corbell’s directing is magnificent.

Is Bob Lying?

Look, I have no idea what to believe, but an outright dismissal of Bob’s testimony is probably a bad idea. That his entire life has, in effect, been deleted by the American government, is a red flag. Lionel reckons that Bob is not lying.

So, here’s an existential thought.

What are the implications if there are indeed flying saucers at Area 51?

My Conversation With Lionel


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