Why News Reports About “Covid Deaths” in India Can’t Be Trusted

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Why News Reports About “Covid Deaths” in India Can’t Be Trusted


Photos From India Covid Deaths Match Footage from 2020 Gas Catastrophe

by Age of Autism
April 27, 2021


Recycling is an important way to save the planet.  Gaslight casts such a warm glow even middle aged women feel youthful.

Advocate with the initial EI noticed yesterday that the photos of the COVID deaths in the New York Post in India NY Post COVID Swallowing India  seemed to match the footage from the gas explosion in India a year ago. Take a look.

Same clothing on the victims. An innocent mis-usage of video in the never ending hurry to get a story to “press?” Or gaslighting in the extreme to fuel fear and compliance. The extreme right often claims that our US mass shootings use “crisis actors” to play the victims.  Here we might have a real crisis victims being used as actors.

Sky news May 2020 Gas leak –

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Why You Can (and Should) Ignore What is Happening in India

by Vernon Coleman
April 27, 2021


The mainstream media around the world have been publishing horrifying reports about what is alleged to be happening in India.

There has been some rather strange and totally unconvincing film of people dropping down in the street, and the implication is that what is happening in India will soon be happening everywhere else.

New mutant viruses are coming, they suggest. `The new strains of covid are much deadlier.’ We should panic. We will soon need strict lockdowns again. We will definitely need new vaccines. Maybe we need to start with the human sacrifices.

It is, of course, all bollocks.

For a start I don’t believe the figures. If the Indians are using the same sort of testing which is used in the UK then the number of false positives probably far exceeds the number of real positives. And I suspect that the number of deaths is far smaller than they are claiming. There, as elsewhere, anyone who is run over by a bus or hit on the head with a phone book will probably be put down as a covid death.

And then there is the `vaccine’ they are using. The number of deaths recently seems to have risen at the same rate as people are being jabbed. Oh dear. They need a distraction. They need to build up the fear to get people to take the vaccine.

There was a well-publicised death of an actor in India shortly after he took the ‘vaccine’, and there is clearly a need to get people to accept their jabs now that trust in the ‘vaccine’ is at an all time low. As governments everywhere know, the best way to do that is through fear. (Naturally, the authorities claim that this death is yet another coincidence. There is a global pandemic of coincidences).

But the big thing to remember is that India is a huge country with a population well over a billion. And in proportion, the number of deaths is actually not all that high.

The always excellent, balanced and incisive UK Column recently ran an excellent story drawing attention to this fact. You can see their report (complete with graphs) here

In the `new normal’, nothing is what it seems to be.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2021

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