Will There Be An Intervention?

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by Zen Gardner
February 13, 2014


I hear this question often and it’s frequently a topic of alternative and otherwise spiritual discussion. After all, whole religions are built around some sort of rescue plan or salvation by a higher power based on either good works accompanied by repetitious prayers and ritual, or simply “believing” that some chosen external power can save us.

Save us from what? You name it – personal problems, sickness, death, ruthless rulers, the “devil”, or even contentious neighbors. We’re talking about a potentially very long list here. Who wouldn’t like a little supernatural help once in a while?

Energetic forces and agencies of all sorts surround us continually. Even quantum physicists agree a myriad of dimensions are existing in the same space at any given time, and that in fact time itself is an illusion.

Now that should bake any left-brained noodled attempt to rationally grasp all of this right off the bat. Ha!


What Is Going On Then?

Good question. Lots for sure. But our decisions and actions don’t have to be fully dependent on having a full answer. What we do need to know is the fundamental dynamic we are part of, and anyone can know it because it’s in our hearts. It’s always been there and awaits to be fully awakened and activated. Call it heart knowledge, call it a sense of right and wrong, call it intuition, call it a moral compass, call it your personal portal to Universal consciousness, but we all have it.

Have we even started to really listen to it and actually act on it, never mind be fully responsive to this “divine” impulse without hesitation?

Life was never intended to be complicated, as fascinating and intricate as the Universe is. We are meant to live in harmony with the Universal forces, working in concert with the great eternal collective dance of infinite consciousness. What makes humanity cry out for deliverance is the onslaught of the invasive, parasitic forces attempting to hijack this planet and its inhabitants. That war is very real. And it’s at many levels. Why there has to be a war of some sort in the first place is ours to ponder, whether it’s a test of some sort or an opportunity for spiritual development or otherwise, but the battle is upon us and needs addressing.

We cannot over spiritualize these questions into oblivion or think they will just go away. Nor can we expect someone or something else to do the spiritual or physical work with which we are tasked. After all, that’s what religion and flighty new age intervention trip-offs teach. As crazy as conscious awareness may seem to some, most of us agree that wishful thinking in a pseudo-spiritual environment is not what the awakening is all about.


Other Influences, and Ours

There are, however, many levels of spiritual entities that can be of assistance. People have experienced these phenomena for eons. Some hinder and deceive, some aid and work in the etheric to help clear bad energies or give messages of encouragement or instruction. But the onus is on us. We activate these influences by our own response to the prompts of Spirit and attitude of heart.

To think otherwise is to live in the grandest of deceptions.

I’ve had many wonderful experiences along these lines, yet I don’t depend on them. That would be relinquishing my personal authority, the very essence of my conscious being. That concept of such personal empowerment won’t make sense to most as we’ve been deliberately debilitated from birth, continuously prevented from finding our true Source and Authority as the the co-creators we are.  Nevertheless it is true.

We truly are what we’ve been waiting for.

There is a lot out there to discover, but it only unfolds with right intention on our part. Once we align via sincerity and heart conscious awareness put into action it becomes clearer. There are many entities of all sorts all around us continually. While we feel limited in this dimension, we might want to be grateful we can’t see everything going on around us in our underdeveloped state. Just look at the average reaction to seeing even a ghost or extra-terrestrial being or unknown space traveling vehicle. Most of humanity are like sprouts in a hothouse that have no idea what the real worlds are all about and can’t fathom the depth of what’s going on.


Don’t Fight on their Level

While celestial intervention may be what many are waiting for, others are ready to take matters into their own hands. This I applaud – as long as it’s non violent or a natural extension of the spiritual awakening that we’re coming through that seeks expression. Unfounded allegiances such as patriotism, personal belief structures and other defensive notions are traps and pitfalls to be avoided at all costs. Our perspective needs to be pure and free from these fabricated battlefields that have been set to pit us against each other.

The real warfare is much, much deeper.

And it starts with us. Individually. Once we “get right” and start to truly connect the dots we see the real picture before us. At that point we can act consciously. Granted, not many wait for that signal, but the more of us who do tune in to and grasp this profound perspective, the clearer the picture becomes.

And it’s contagious.



In a nutshell? Intervene for yourself.

Help might just arrive, but not until you do.

Keep paddling and enjoy the ride.

Much love, Zen