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Willem Felderhof answers questions about recent elections in Holland, the history of the Dutch people, 9/11 truth, the moral culpability of order followers such as military and police, and the general state of global consciousness.


“…the fact that people are still supporting it by voting on this system — this completely immoral and criminal system and political arena is very disturbing…

People have this pathological co-dependence toward the state…

If you are following orders you can not apply your conscience, your own free will to apply moral right or wrong action…

The underlying motive is fear, of course.

We are in this state of dumbed-down apathy. We don’t have this true care for truth and true willpower to act and say ‘no’…our inherent masculine dynamic and right to say ‘no’ and protect ourselves against this.

They prefer to die rather than to take responsibility. They prefer to vote instead of taking responsibility and go into the unknown, because they want big daddy to take care of them.

You cannot achieve freedom with control. Control will lead to slavery and more suffering. And more chaos. When we vote, we vote for control. And that comes from fear.”


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