Willem Felderhof w/ Dr. Eric Karlstrom: International Science Frauds, Including Global Warming and COVID Narrative, Usher in the New World Order

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Willem Felderhof w/ Dr. Eric Karlstrom: Global Science Frauds, Including Global Warming and COVID Narrative, Usher in the New World Order


Dr. Eric Karlstrom: How the Global Warming and Covid Frauds Usher in the New World Order

by Willem Felderhof
January 9, 2021

For transcript of Willem’s introduction, see: https://willemfelderhof.com/dr-eric-karlstrom-how-the-global-warming-and-covid-frauds-usher-in-the-new-world-order/

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Quote from J. Edgar Hoover, shared by Willem during the interview:

“The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.” ~ J. Edgar Hoover


Excerpts from Dr. Eric Karlstrom’s words:

“…power doesn’t care about truth. Power doesn’t need to care about truth. Power wants power.  And the CIA has always been all about power and has served the power elite. In realpolitik — okay, what is realpolitik? Realpolitick is Machiavelli — might makes right, the ends justify the means, divide and conquer, you have to lie to the people… Well, the CIA runs America. It certainly has since they killed Kennedy in 1963…”


“It doesn’t matter if there’s only one person in the world who understands the truth. The truth is still the truth… The heart of the scientist, the mind of the scientist is fundamentally different from that of the political scientist or the political operative.”


“The US military industrial complex is the elephant in the room and, of course, they serve Wall Street and the City of London power structure — who, as we dig deeper, these are the psychopaths, the pedophiles, the people who do all the really rotten things. So, we have a big problem… What they are enforcing now with the vaccines and the mask mandates is slavery — world slavery — which has apparently always been the goal…

And, of course, this has to be resisted at every cost… Better to be dead in a fight than to have a whole series of vaccines which turn your body into something that is connected to the Pentagon cloud — and that your every move and every thought is monitored and controlled by the elite. This is what’s coming down.”


“The CIA wrote a memo in 1962 saying we want to control the weather. And, of course, this is what has happened. The geoengineering, weather warfare, weather modification has been a series of black projects to a large extent, but not all black, since WWII — really pioneered by the Brits and America. And the geoengineering allows — and then even Lyndon Johnson, President Lyndon Johnson, said I think in ’64 or ’65: ‘Who controls the weather, controls the world.’

And so, what we have is a push underneath the surface by the CIA, and the military planners and their corporate buddies to control all aspects of humanity, civilization, the external and the internal environments. With the MKUltra – ‘let’s control the internal environment for our advantage’. With the weather control – “let’s control the external environment’.”


“The global warming fraud has morphed over time…

We really don’t know the average temperature of the earth because it’s impossible to measure the average temperature of the earth — because it’s always warming and cooling somewhere, and it’s changing every second. But still this whole field is rife for fraud and misrepresentation.”


“It became then relevant and obvious to me and my students that what we had here was the political corruption and cooption of a whole body of sciences including biology and climatology and earth science…

In order to believe the man-caused-global-warming fraud you have to basically throw everything we know out about earth science.”


“In other words, the computer model becomes the reality in the minds of the politicians and the media — and fuels then these political agendas which, again, tend towards one world government and enslavement — and loss of national sovereignties, individual sovereignties. So, it’s a tragedy. And we saw it with the climate fraud that billions were poured into this fraud over a long period of time…

Why should people trust science —  if our science is so bogus, is so bad? And the same thing now is happening with the biosecurity state, the medical emergency — the non-emergency that we have here, listening to people like Fauci and Birx and what not. I mean these people are charlatans. They’re liars. They’re criminals. They’re thieves. “


“Our scientists, our psychologists, our cognitive researchers, our neuroscientists — they’re committing crimes against humanity — against us. Their science is being used by the military intelligence corporate complex against humanity.”


“Catherine Austin Fitts calls this committee that runs the world ‘Mr. Global’. We have to identify Mr. Global and take him out. Permanently. We have to take out Mr. Global. And, of course, Mr. Global has his fingers in every institution. But we can still do it. As long as there’s life, there’s hope, you know.

And I think, you know, the resistance we saw in Washington, DC yesterday is an indication of what we’re going to see. I think we’re going to see — hopefully, we’re going to see continued resistance.”


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