World Economic Forum’s ‘Covid Action Platform’: a Full Blueprint for Roll Out of the New World Order

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by Willem Felderhof
April 3, 2020


Sorry to share this one but the New World Order is not a conspiracy theory anymore, it has become a conspiracy fact and we are now living under the firm rule of it. Whether you like or agree with it or not. But as bad as it may look at this moment, the current conditions will be like paradise if you see what the plans for the coming future are.

It is now or never for humanity to step up to the plate, this is what we have been talking about for the last decades.

WE must not let this ultimate crisis go to waste and act.

The World Economic Forum, acting as partner to the World Health Organization, is rolling out the New World Order agenda for total control over all aspects of human and animal life on this planet after the Corona reality reset.

While Agenda21/2030 paved the way, the Corona psyop is the real trigger to unleash this diabolical plan and the World Economic Forum has presented the COVID Action Platform in which it lays out in gross detail what the plans are.

And clearly this extensive blueprint was produced way before the so-called outbreak of the Corona virus in December 2019.

FEMA whistleblower Celeste Solum breaks down the COVID Action Platform for you, watch and share this shocking but important video:

[Editor’s note: Willem Felderhof’s YouTube channel was censored. Below, please see our mirrored copy of the video at Truth Comes to Light Bitchute channel.]

Use the WEF link to check it for yourself while she breaks it down:

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