World Freedom Rally London, May 15th 2021 — Featuring Prof. Dolores Cahill

World Freedom Rally London, May 15th 2021 — Featuring Prof. Dolores Cahill

by World Doctors Alliance
May 17, 2021


Views of the London freedom march as the crowd chants “Shame on you” in front of the BBC building, followed by a clip of a conversation with Prof. Dolores Cahill.

World Freedom Rally London 15_5_21 by World Doctors Alliance

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Excerpts from conversation with Prof. Dolores Cahill:

We need to show there are millions of us across the world…

We are building the new structures, the new banking system, new rule of law system — that we will not allow this to happen again.


We’ve won already. If I was a globalist I would be not sleeping so well in their beds.

And what we’re doing today, the 15th of May 2021, I’m happy to put them all on notice — that each one of them that have contributed to the harm, and the suffering and the deaths will be liable in their private and personal capacity.

And we are saying there’s at least 10 people that are the most accountable in every country. That would be like the prime minister, the minister for health, the chief law officer, the attorney general, for example, the head of the regulatory body, the announcers on the BBC and RTE — across the world — because what they are doing is not allowing health information to come out — so that people cannot hear that there is no need for the lockdown…no need for masks, no need for social distancing…


What they are afraid of is people gathering in pubs, in their voluntary groups, in soccor clubs, and meeting to assemble to discuss.

But what we are discussing is how to hold them to account.

So I would say to everyone, if you are watching this, take the masks off, go out, enjoy, plant some food, be prepared financially because they have a pattern of crisises coming. There are going to be interference with data, with the internet, with infrastructure, with banking, with the rule of law, and another health scare. None of it is necessary.

Just gather your strength, have courage…